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“Tiresias”: Checks for debtors Tax Office, Funds and Municipalities, combined with Banks and Private Companies

Plan "Tiresias" in the tax office, pension funds and municipalities restores the government, under mnimoniakon obligations…..

The aim is to address the problem of indebtedness of enterprises and households.

According to the Special Private Debt Management Secretary, Foti Kourmousis, the entity to be created will collects all data for the debts of the debtor to the State as a whole and in conjunction with the debtor's debt profile banks and private companies will create a "score" for the overall credit picture of the citizen.

In placement, under in.gr, Mr.. Kourmousis reported on corrective measures planned by the Ministry of Finance to improve the effectiveness of mechanisms established to date for the regulation of debts.

Between them, the extrajudicial mechanism, the platform for the protection of primary residence or insolvency of individuals, ie Katseli law.

Plan ... Tiresias

By linking the two file citizens will no longer need to give repeatedly and in all departments of the municipality of his personal data.

These will automatically be drawn by certified employees of municipalities through the Registry of the Principle of authorization.

Specifically, the employees, either for certification and certificates either for charging debts, They will seek the elements of citizenship by entering only the TIN or only the number of the identity card or just his name.

The data will automatically be taken from the Registry of the Principle of authorization without the citizen having to furnish some documents, or to give any municipal service details.

Through the municipalities register the Principle of authorization will have an accurate picture of the personal details of each taxpayer, the professional capacity, the address of his residence or professional office until his marital status and his email.

Employees of the municipalities will only have access to personal information of taxpayers rather than tax data.

That will not be able to see their income and their assets.

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