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Mykonos Airport, AirHelp first in the list with the most delays in Europe

Late departing one in two flights from Mykonos airport, one performance that brings it to the top list of the relevant European……

According to the list created by the AirHelp, a company specializing in the rights of air flight passengers, three Greek airports (Mykonos, Santorini and Athens) They are in the top ten list, while an equal number of instances has Portugal.

Specifically, based on the data AirHelp, the period June - July 2019, just 47,1% flights from Mykonos airport departed on their scheduled time, while in second place was the Ponta Delgada airport, Portugal 52,4%.

Another Portuguese airport, that of Lajes, It is at the third position with a percentage 54,4% regarding flight that left in the scheduled time, while the fourth was that of Santorini 56,1%. In fifth place was found in Milan Malpensa Airport with a percentage 58,6%, followed by that of London Gatwick (59,2%). In seventh place we find the Eleftherios Venizelos airport of Athens 60,%, while the ten closed airports in Venice (61,1%), Ljubljana in Slovenia (61,5%) and Lisbon (62,2%).

Given that many airports in southern Europe that are popular summer destinations, They are of the highest delay rates, the AirHelp propose to travelers departing from these airports to be especially careful and have time on their hands as they are very likely to have delays in their flights.

the 50 European airports with the most flight delays, summer 2019:

, Mykonos Airport, AirHelp first in the list with the most delays in Europe

Problem with flight - the rights of passengers

Delay, cancellation and denied boarding may mean for passengers up 600 compensation per person.

This applies to flights departing from an EU airport and flights landing in an EU airport with EU airline.

Passengers have the right to receive compensation, if they reach their destination three hours late by the time of the scheduled arrival, provided the airline is responsible for the delay.

The amount of compensation depends on the distance of travel. Passengers who have experienced any of these problems can claim compensation of up to three years after the flight.

Tens of thousands of delays and cancellations the first seven months of 2019

Over 30.000 delays and cancellations were recorded in Greece during the first seven months of 2019, according to company research.

This resulted in more than 3,2 million travelers face a problem with their flight from the beginning of the year.

Based on the results, from most of 110.000 Flights studied, the 27% not departed on time, rate increased by almost 7% compared to last year.

Furthermore, "Despite the efforts of airlines, airports and aviation security services ", as pointed out in a statement of the Air Help, the approximately 15.400 passengers traveling daily from Greece, with an average 140 flights experiencing a problem.

3,2 millions of frustrated passengers

In total, more than 3,2 million passengers, from almost 12 millions who traveled this time from Greece, They saw their flight does not depart on time or be canceled.

Worth noting, According to the research, that flights with the most problems occurred at Athens airport.

As a result, over 35.000 Passengers who traveled from the Greek capital the first seven months of this year to be entitled to compensation, according to the European Regulation EC 261.

Where the delays have

However, flight delays are often due to factors that airports can not control, such inconsistency airlines. Note that, most of 89.000 Passengers are entitled to compensation for delay or cancellation of their flight, accordance with Regulation EC 261.

As says Panagiotis Divanis, an expert on the subject AirHelp passenger rights, "What makes us impression is that despite the fact that Greece was not affected by strikes, the number of flights departing from the country and delayed or canceled, it is remarkable.

"We expect, however, to see if the numbers will be affected, the possibility of strikes in early September, Season with significantly increased traffic, as families returning from holidays.

"Ryanair's unions, and other companies like Transavia, expected to strike in several European countries. For that reason, We advise travelers to be informed of their rights, so they know what they can claim if you face a problem with their flight '.

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