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The Christmas table: The nature, Folklore, Adaptation

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Maria Stavrakopoulou *
In all organisms winter ,due to heat loss from the cold, They require more power. This action naturally find from food…….
Some animals accumulate fat which consume, other hibernating reducing their activities to a minimum and some migrate to warmer places.

Such as natural and man had to adjust to what was offered by nature winter. But because little is needed to predict the summer and autumn, order and variety in food and caloric have to be.

Christmas season two were the traditional dishes. The boiled chicken(and not the turkey is Amerikanoferti) and pork. The pigs are slaughtered at a special ceremony(choirosfagia) because ,firstly there is the winter much food to feed them other have collected much fat .

sausages, meat preserved in fat stored for the difficult days ahead. They are high in calories and with accompanying wines consumed ,the body balances energy losses.

From the autumn harvest, the must is made with molasses which made sweets.

If we observe sweet Christmas(baklava ,kantaifi ,folds, melomakarona,) made with humble materials present in all the houses preserved from the summer.

Almonds, walnuts, honey, other nuts, , syrups associated with large fuel requirements. They can be stored for long periods without refrigeration. Something that now seems obvious, but in the past when there were no refrigerators were necessary.

These are not part of a paliakis behavior ,not only to peasants living far from civilization and modern times. It is the human ecology, folklore, the adaptation to changing environmental conditions.
We in the city, not bad to know what we eat and why we eat it ......

*Maria Stavrakopoulou, it is Biologist (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) with MSc in Ecology.
– Cooperation with the Ministry of Youth for waste management,
– Responsible Environmental Education Programs
– Greek-French School teacher Piraeus '' Sain Paul ''
Newsroom, mykonosticker.com

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