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The New Legal Framework for Automation in births [Step by step, Document]

Birth statements, the new institutional framework, to all registry offices of the country's municipalities, captures……

the number. 8/2020 Circular of the Ministry of the Interior.

Th. Lebanese So says the Government Gazette. A' 21/3.2.2020 posted the n.4659 / 2020 on "Birth allowance and other provisions"Which deals, including, civil status events topics.

Delegated of par. 4 and 11 the ID NO: 13, the number issued. GDODY / DDY / 490 Judgment of Labor Ministers & social Affairs, health, Interior and State, on "Settings for the digitization of the process of declaration of birth», published in the Official Gazette B 404/10.2.2020

1) With the ID NO: 13 of n.4659 / 2020, added after the ar.21 n.344 / 1976, article which is numbered as No. 21, on the birth declaration, which takes place in a maternity (public or private) or obstetric clinic hospital department (private or public), which birth declaration is made electronically using birth subsystem declaration of Civil Registration.

2) The electronic declaration of birth, compiled by the officials of the institution which the woman is confined in this file the particulars required to draw up the birth certificate, accordance with the provisions of No. 9 and 22 the n.344 / 1976, and of paragraph 2 of the aforementioned JMD no.3.

3) In the declaration of birth subsystem of the Civil Registry is created digitally statement, which is printed by the official and delivered to parents to confirm the correctness of the data and the handwritten signature. The statement signed by a physician. The finalized statement sent through the system as appropriate Registrar pending birth declaration annexed to the statement in the system.

4) Upon receiving the incoming pending the Registrar shall draw up the Birth certificate and the data required for the pension drawn by the declaration of birth subsystem, without requiring the presentation of further documentation and control accuracy of the data from the appropriate Registrar.

5) If the data for the compilation of a birth certificate registered by the authorized officer, the documents required for the preparation of a birth certificate automatically searched by the competent Registrar, provided that:

      • issued by Greek public authorities and
      • considered necessary for certifying the correctness of the data of the digital birth declaration.

6) Where through automatic above search not found the necessary data / and documents have not been attached to the digital birth statement, the competent Registrar shall ask them presented by the parties responsible for the purpose of drawing up a birth certificate of their child.

7) For births that take place in a maternity (public or private) or obstetric clinic / hospital section apply exclusively ID NO: 13 of the provisions of Law. 4659/2020, namely only using the subsystem of Civil Registration of birth declaration.

8) In Birth certificates indicated longer than the edaf.d elements of paragraph 1 of the No. 22 n.344 / 1976 and the Social Security Registration Number (SSRN) infant, which is automatically assigned when finalizing the act.

9) Technical Manual with instructions for drawing Birth certificates via Digital Declaration of Birth I will posted on the website of the Interior Ministry (www.ypes.gr) on track:

«urban & Municipal status» ->

«Ολοκληρωμένο Πληροφοριακό Σύστημα “register Citizen”» ->

«Training Materials Civil Registry» ->

«Subsystem Registry - Statement Management Birth».

OR startup the declaration of birth subsystem of Civil Registry Information System shall take effect from the publication of the aforementioned JMD, namely from 10 February 2020.

The Circular

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