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The "bet" for the next day of Greek tourism in the growing international competition

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The great challenge for the Greek tourism. It is the passage to the next day, a specific strategic plan, both at country level and by destination, It is the great challenge for the Greek tourism…….

This year, estimated, the country keeps its forces in the traffic, not only thanks to foreign arrivals, but also because the Greeks gradually reappear on the tourist map of the country.
During August the occupancy seems to have reached its zenith, but will hardly cover the losses on nights for hotels, estimated to be overcome since the beginning of the year 15%.

Beyond the question of nights, the rise of Turkey and Egypt, the absence of a realistic image for infrastructure needs, the ypertourismos in popular areas, urban sprawl, development without specific regulatory framework for short-term leases, and finally the absence destination management policies, send warning messages to state, Local and vectors.

In any case the industry who over the last seven years breaks one record after another and is one step before entering the 10 top destinations in the world, attract multibillion investments. euro both in Greece and abroad, while the "threshold" recently passed and leading international hotel brands
What awaits the industry is working closely with state and local governments to devise and implement a strategic plan that will define the future of the industry.

Signs of the times
Today, however, the messages are very specific. After May, whereby the incoming traffic was reduced by 30%, in the summer quarter the picture is much better, albeit at lower levels than 2018. According to the deputy chairman of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (XEE) Christina notebooks, season seems to save the Greeks, which greatly increased their summer excursions.

Although the numbers may under no circumstances be compared with the pre-crisis data, It estimated that this year while vacationing Greeks grew approximately 20% compared to last summer. but in general, as Mrs notes. Quartet at 'N', regardless of arrivals, there is a problem with the length of stay of foreign tourists, but their overall consumption, showing bending.

However, as pointed out by vice XEE, this picture, measurable i.e., and not about short-term leases where the situation is uncontrollable.

It is the central strategic issue for tourism. Greece does not have strategy. This year for instance Turkey rises exponentially, it gives very low prices and confidence in the tourism industry in security gradually restored, we fall.

At least as,Regarding the central image. Why picture of short-term leases have not, notes the vice XEE. There is no example up to make sure our infrastructure. The hotels are not filled, but short-term leases are doubled, without control, so facilitating infrastructure, such as garbage. The destinations are charged but we do not know how.

And it is easy to be monitored, via the internet seems what homes are available for short-term leases. "We need to see the product tour at the central level".

Operation "Santorini"
The finger on the sore spot, concerning the major issue of tourist destinations, and on the occasion crowded created in one of the top island destinations in the world, He puts the CEO of Ikos Group and former president of the Association of Greek Tourist Enterprises (SETE) Andreas Andreadis.

In his commentary on twitter putting back on track the problem facing the Santorini as a tourist destination and the risk of "collapse" of the island by ypertourismo, and continuous without plan – urban sprawl of.

Data show that the last five years the nights on the island, featuring the most famous sunset in the Mediterranean, They have increased 66%. But the demand has cruise aggravates the problem. The 2018 Island hosted more than 2,6 million. visitors, number is 170 times the number of local population.

also in 6 August arrived in Santorini capacity cruise ships 18.372 passengers, whereas according to studies evidence the ceiling should not exceed 8.000 daily.

As stated by Mr.. Andreadis of the tweet: "I remind SETE has highlighted: Immediate enforcement fee per visitor disembarking cruise for infrastructure. Brake unregulated super-structure. Symmetrical taxation of leases Airbnb. Without planning 10years & crisis management Santorini deterministically will collapse ".

Position on the question of Santorini took to taking office as Minister of Tourism and Haris Theocharis. "The island does not stand so many people. You blame the people who will protest; You blame the tourists will not come back; We can not call the tourism product the hassle of visitors and residents. These are the results of a free and unregulated tourism development strategic planning "he noted in the House.

It is noted that the initiative SETE both Santorini and Rhodes participating in the pilot destination management program developed by the European Reconstruction and Development Bank (EBRD) in collaboration with SETE. The program will be completed in October, so we will have a comprehensive proposal for the future of tourism Santorini.

Parallel and the International Association Cruise (CLIA) It has been launched in cooperation with local authorities to implement a layered strategy to manage the volume of visitors to the island, creating pleasant conditions for residents.

Themes of this strategy is the implementation of pre berths system, the berth allocation, for cruise ships in Santorini, to put the arrival of cruise ships and their passengers under control, and the emergence of new destinations on the island.

The last days
Good price waiting for last minute bookings, for the last ten days of August, from Greece and abroad, popular tourist destinations across the country.
For example in Chania, with occupancy in 91%, accordance with Booking.com, Rooms available in 311 accommodation. For six nights prices start from 183 euro (no breakfast), while arriving at a single event in a villa and 6.500 euro. The most expensive accommodations for six nights moving from 1.500 until the 2.500 euro.

Heraklion Crete, accordance with Booking.com, occupancy in hotels reach the 75%. is off 514 accommodation and prices (six nights) start from 120 euro and reach 15.000 euro luxury villa.

in Naxos, He has won the preferences of foreign tourists in recent years, occupancy for this period, accordance with Booking.com, exceed 93%. However available 65 accommodation, with prices shaped by 240 euros for six nights, no breakfast, up to 15.000 euro luxury villa.

The Dodecanese and Rhodes occupancy reaches the 82%. There are no rooms available at 349 accommodation and prices start from 153 euro, six nights, and reach 9.500 for luxury villa.

For the same period in the North Sea and Chios occupancy to reach the accommodation 79%. Available rooms are in 42 accommodation and prices start from 240 euros for six nights and only one case exceeding 1.000 euro (3.000 euro) in villa.

in Macedonia, and more specifically in Chalkidiki with occupancy in 91%, according to data from Booking.com, There are rooms 307 accommodation. always looking six nights, prices range from 271 euro and reach 12.000 EUR villa.

Across Greece, the Ionian Sea and the region of Preveza, occupancy is very high and reach the 96%. There are only five available accommodation (according to the elements of the platform) and hired from 540 euro up 1.500 euro. In the region there are still 26 accommodation, the cost to start at 520 euro and reaches 5.500 euros for a villa.

End, Corfu with occupancy in 90% Rooms available in 356 accommodation, with prices starting at 198 euros for six nights and reach the 7.000 euros for a villa.

"Code Athens"
The paradox of Athens continues. The international air arrivals in Athens rose 6,9% during July, but the reduction in regional airports in the same period shows that tourists did not leave the capital, while according to estimates do not appear to hosted in their entirety by the Athenian hotels.
Despite the "paradoxes" the investment fever for hotels in Athens constantly rising in recent years.

Estimated to have been completely renovated and open more than 100 hotels in the greater Athens area in recent years, Investing in their entirety have nine zeros in front of the integer.
Furthermore, the capital of the country has attracted the attention of large hotel chains, even the top, with the advent of the Four Season at the Astir Vouliagmeni for example, while high motion and leasing. Perhaps it is no longer a coincidence that the town is in the list of 50 most hospitable in the world. According to Big7Travel and based on a questionnaire sent to 1,5 million. people who follow on Instagram, Athens was in 15th place.

The rhythms of the city's hotel development reflects a survey of the company CBRE, having presence globally (and in GREECE).

According to the "barometer" for the second quarter of 2019 The Greek capital is European champion in leasing for hotels, with development 6,5% relative to the last respective time. But this price is the lowest of the last three years (the maximum was at 7,5%).

But the management contracts from big chains abroad, Athens this time is in the second position, to increase 7,5% compared with a year ago. First is Istanbul 8,5%. Note that only in the first seven months of 2019 They worked 40 new accommodation, all categories, according to the company GBR consultants. Note that, according to the report of GBR, for Athens yet 20 confirmed projects that will add more 2.000 Rooms in the coming years.

Increased air traffic seven months
Increase 4,7% showed passenger traffic at airports in seven months 2019. particularly, the total number of passengers served reached 35,52 million. against 33,92 million. the same period in 2018. In absolute numbers this year were handled 1.601.662 Most passengers between January and July compared with the same period in 2018, according to data from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

A similar percentage increase was recorded in the number of flights, the increase also reaches 4,7%. Specifically flights reached 298.910 (against 285.532 the same period in 2018), of which 176.962 foreign and other domestic.

In last July traded 9,98 million. passengers, increased 3,1% compared to last year, when they had handled 9,68 million. passengers. The total number of flights at Greek airports amounted to 77.303, an increase 2,1% compared to the same period of 2018.

In an August "sprint" does not save hotels
The "hot" August significantly reduced reduced bookings showed from the beginning of the hotels. The occupancy of the beginning of the month until this week touching 100% in some areas, However it was unable to increase the total number of hotel reservation market overall in eight months.

particularly, the coastal units of Magnesia and the northern Sporades occupancy according to local hoteliers amount or above 95%, Pelion move in 80%, However, they note the increased movement of two weeks of August can not meet its obligations throughout the year.

Ships filled also depart from Piraeus to the islands, Halkidiki recorded the best load factors so the whole season, but the year according to the POX "runs" fall in overnight stays.

Despite, it, positive evidence of September and October in occupancy, It is expected to reduce revenue, especially since already the bids and contracts with international tour operators this year 20% lower than the 2018 and on the side of the latter considered given the pressure to keep prices at futures 2020 at this year's level, if not lower.

British "headache"
Additional cause of concern to the British market will show hoteliers behavior for 2020 because Brexit, with recent reports on storage of goods by the British (Food drugs etc.) worth 4 billion. pounds for a possible "divorce" from the EU. without agreement, do not leave room for optimism for UK arrivals in Greece next summer and definitely not least for traditional British bookings.

Mixed German image
The German market is the largest source of inbound tourism for our country. Even this year moves at very high levels, although precedence in development hold Egypt and Turkey, which seems to dynamically back in the tourism market in the region, after "freezing" of the previous years due to military conflicts and terrorist attacks.

But according to the data of fvw, reservations last minute for the Mediterranean in July decreased by 1,6% compared to 2018, while in June the decline reached 5%. Regarding Greece, big winner appears to be the increase of Kos with late bookings by 21%. Rather drop recorded bookings in Rhodes (-5%) and Heraklion (-6%).

The Hurghada in Egypt was over against 11% compared with July 2018, while Antalya in Turkey won a 10% on last minute bookings from Germany. It is characteristic of climate shift that the four most popular tourist destinations in Spain, for German tourists, The last minute bookings appear lower than 10% until 25% compared with July 2018.

Fewer arrivals from Russia
According to latest data of the Federal Border Service FSB of the Russian Federation, the winners destinations in Russian tourist arrivals, the greater our "neighborhood", during the first half of 2019 Turkey was the first, like Montenegro, Cyprus, Italy and Spain, while decrease recorded by Greece and Bulgaria and even while the Russians this year traveled more for their holidays abroad.

In total, the semester January-June 2019, according to the same source, Russians made 21.212.095 trips abroad, namely 6,67% more compared to the same period last year. The 36,56% travel took place in the former Soviet Union, including the Baltic countries and an additional 16,75% outbound trips headed in border regions such as China, Poland and Finland, mainly for shopping and trade.

Turkey received the largest number of Russian tourists in the first half of 2.741.934 Arrivals, an increase 16,13% and Montenegro recorded the best growth rates in the first half of the year (+50%). Increased movement was in Italy, Spain and Cyprus and a reduction in Greece and Bulgaria.

"Compared with the first half of 2018 we find that the outbound tourist flow to tourist destinations outside the CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States) continues to make reduction: 6,78% on the whole the 2019 compare to 10,4% 2018 ', He stated the executive director of the Association of Russian tour operator (ACTOR), maya Lomidze.

Significant increase appears only in Turkey, Italy, Montenegro, Cyprus and Vietnam. At the same, Russians are very price conscious package tours, however there is also the part of the Russian market wants exact destinations, like France, the United Kingdom and the Maldives.

Naftemporiki – From the print edition

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