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Tourism Season 2021: Tourism opens safely and in balance on 14 May – We have got 5 lines of defense – There are no ‘Covid-Free’ islands’

The road map for the opening of Greek Tourism in 2021 presented in Parliament the Minister of Tourism Mr.. Haris Theocharis, answering a topical question of the SYRIZA MP Mrs. K.. Malama……….

Alongside, called on the opposition to show responsibility and support the national effort in the key sector of the tourism economy and society.

Specifically, the Minister of Tourism said characteristically:
– For the opening of Greek Tourism: "We will open on 14 May and we will open safely, despite the risk. SYRIZA must stop making appeals, as he has done all the previous time, for marches and rallies that increase the uncertainty about the health condition ".
– For the five lines of defense: "In order to be able to safely welcome tourists from abroad this year, we implement a plan that includes five lines of defense:

1) The conditions and the corresponding certificates before the arrival of the travelers in Greece - either with vaccination or with a negative test.

2) Activation of the highly successful ‘EVA’ random control system, for which we have won international recognition, to detect positive cases at the border.

3) Quarantine hotels so we can isolate any cases.

4) Vaccination of workers, which will begin as soon as the vaccination of our health-vulnerable fellow citizens is completed. And

5) strict adherence to health protocols. They are the ones who kept our citizens and visitors safe last year. They will do the same this year ".

For the misunderstanding about "Covid-Free" islands: "Our country's plan is comprehensive for the opening of tourism. It is a very detailed plan, balanced and allows safe tourism throughout the country. The debate over an island whose inhabitants are vaccinated for business purposes is not a debate about tourism. The whole country is safe. There should be no internal competition between destinations. I call for an end to this counterproductive literature. It is obvious that only operational reasons lead to the vaccination of certain islands. There is no question of substance. They are islands with low potential, in relation to beds which could affect the general health situation ".

For rules for visitors: "The,what applies to Greek citizens, also applies to tourists. All this paraphrasing about the free movement of tourists is false. The tourists who come are isolated and everything is valid,what applies to every Greek citizen. We will not discriminate. Our country has specific rules - upon the recommendation of experts- which apply to all tourists and all Greek citizens. This will continue to happen this summer. ".

End, Mr.. Theocharis called on SYRIZA to join the Government's effort for the faster recovery of Greek Tourism. Addressing the deputies of the official opposition, the Minister of Tourism said characteristically: "It is your right to adopt the most pessimistic assessments. And last year you estimated that the revenue would be 3 billion. euros while it was finally about 40% more, 4,3 billion. euro. Every euro that fills the plate of a family working in tourism, at such a critical time, it is something we cannot consider negligible. The defamatory discussion you had all along last year, fortunately, had no effect. I call you, generally, to join our appeals, so that the last Greek citizen can be vaccinated. "Only then will we really be able to find freedom and drive away the burden that the pandemic has placed on our backs.".

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