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banks: Charge even for changing PIN on the cards!! New commissions to trade!!

The bank commissions continued!! What transactions involving!!

Increases the number of transactions on which banks charge commissions.

For example

Fee charged for the issuance of new PIN card, to print the last transaction from an ATM, for payment of installment credit tellers, etc.

The pressure to improve profitability on one hand and trying to turn their customers to use electronic means of transactions have pushed banks to impose numerous fees.

Supplies now not only charged for normal banking transactions such as money transfers and for a range of services which hitherto were provided free, such as reissue or renewal debit card, version PIN if the cardholder has forgotten the original or even the information on the movement of the account when the client asks for a discount through ATMs.

The new commissions

The new charges will be applied starting from the end of October and will gradually be completed by year's end.

They are as follows:

- Severance reissue assistance on loss statement / theft / wear / non-automatic renewal: 6 euro with effect from 31/10

- Question balance at ATMs within the eurozone: 0,20 euro with effect from 31/10

- Question balance at ATMs outside the Eurozone: 0,30 euro with effect from 31/10

- copy 7 recent movements in ATM EIB (mini statement): 0,15 euro with effect from 31/10

- Reprinted PIN irrespective of mode of receipt of: 3 euro with effect from 30/10

- One-time subscription renewal: 6 euro with effect from 31/12

All banks had gone the summer forcing 2 until 3 euro to debit cardholders when they withdraw cash from an ATM of another bank, expanding this charge not only for foreign banks cardholders, but also for the Greeks.

Assistance on credit cards, a service that was previously free of charge, It has been adopted by all banks and the cost now stands at 25 until 30 euro for simple MasterCard or Visa cards, with slight variations, such as free subscription for six months or a year.

Πολλές από τις χρεώσεις που επιβάλλουν οι τράπεζες στοχεύουν στο limit transactions through shops and turning consumers into alternative networks.

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