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Travel between prefectures: Clarifications for maritime travel

For specific reasons it is allowed to transport passengers by sea and movement from small islands to larger islands.
According to the Greek Coast Guard, Joint Ministerial Decision on "Emergency measures to protect public health from the risk of further spread of coronavirus COVID-19 throughout the territory……….. for the period from Monday, 5 April 2021 and time 6:00 until Monday, 12 April 2021 and time 6:00», provides:

According to the article 5 of that JMC, the movement of any type of ship and boat and the operation of ferries for the transport of passengers by sea is prohibited, from mainland Greece to the islands and vice versa, as well as between the islands of the country.

The movement of ships and boats for the purpose of transporting passengers by sea is excluded from the application of the previous paragraph for the reasons of the cases.:

a) Moving to and from work or during work.

b) Moving for health reasons (going to a pharmacy, visit to the doctor, veterinarian or transfer to a hospital or health center, if this recommended following a communication).

c) Go to help people in need.

d) Transfer to a place of worship in accordance with the provisions hereof or transfer to divorced parents or parents which are necessary to ensure communication between parents and children, according to the applicable provisions.

e) Single transition at the place of residence.

f) Go to public service, if electronic or telephone service is not possible only for urgent needs, after the appointment of an appointment for which the citizen is informed in writing or electronically and under the additional condition of demonstration of the above information, if an appointment is required in accordance with this.

g) Movement for the purpose of harvesting agricultural products.

or) Moving to the purpose of transporting household goods after the termination of the lease agreement for the homes of students who rent a property at the place of their studies, accompanied by another person.

Especially the movement from small islands to larger islands, as well as residents of the Municipality of Trizinia-Methana to the island of Poros, is also allowed for the reasons of the cases:

a) Go to a running store / business, in accordance with the more specific provisions of this and only within the limits of the relevant Municipality or at a distance of up to two (2) kilometers from the mobile home.

b) Go to the bank, to the extent that electronic transaction is not possible only within the limits of the relevant Municipality or at a distance of up to two (2) kilometers from the mobile home.

Furthermore, in accordance with paragraph 2 ca.. i of the article 3 of that JMC, from the 5:00 until 21:00 Citizens are allowed to travel daily throughout the country, including for the following reason:

Physical exercise outdoors or moving with pet, exclusively on foot or by bicycle, individually or up to three (3) individuals or families (spouses / cohabitants and children), including visiting outdoor archeological sites, as well as the movement for recreational fishing by boat up to eight (8) measures, provided that the minimum distance of one and a half is observed (1,5) measure. From Saturday, 3 April 2021 and only on weekends it is allowed to move this case by using a vehicle.

noted, that according to the above JMC, the transport of passengers by sea by ships and boats, not permitted for reasons related to the preceding paragraph.

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