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Travel Between Prefectures: Moving from prefecture to prefecture!! The latest information!! The "key" date, the scenarios and conditions!!

The scenarios for the opening of movements outside the prefecture, the thoughts of the Authorities, the disagreements of infectious disease specialists. Big bet of the government and the experts, seems to be the removal of the lockdown, which raises controversy between authorities and scientists……

In the last few hours, the scenarios regarding the lifting of the ban on travel outside the prefecture have been on fire.. The next steps of the Government for its removal lockdown, is another issue that removes disagreements between authorities and scientists.

One of the key measures that has been at the center of the discussions is the transfer from prefecture to prefecture and when it will start to be allowed.

Σύμφωνα με τις τελευταίες πληροφορίες του Open TV η πιο πιθανή ημερομηνία για την άρση της απαγόρευσης υπό όρους είναι η 8in February.

This scenario will of course not allow all movements but with a specific reason and sms message.

The opening of movements from prefecture to prefecture will relate to specific activities such as, fishing, hunting and visiting a ski resort.

The Committee of Infectious Diseases has discussed the possibility of allowing transfers from county to county. "One of the plans we have is if the epidemic allows it, is to open the ski resorts, because it is a seasonal activity and can not exist without movement ".

On the other hand, infectious disease specialists, are particularly wary of moving from county to county. Χαρακτηριστική είναι η τοποθέτηση του Αλκιβιάδη Βατόπουλου «δεν νομίζω ότι θα επιτραπεί η moving to green counties from other counties».

Speaking on OPEN TV, The professor clarified that decisions are made on a weekly basis, every Friday, ενώ δικαιολογώντας την διστακτικότητα του έφερε ως for example Serres, which were filled with cases of coronavirus when they started going there residents of Thessaloniki, bringing with them the increased epidemiological burden of the city.

Their goal, ideally it is the first week of February, with an opening that will take place essentially from the previous Friday so as not to miss another weekend.

That is why they were among the proposals submitted to the Ministry of Development ενέταξαν την ύπαρξη πιστοποιητικού που θα επιβεβαιώνει την επίσκεψη των μετακινούμενων από νομό σε νομό σε χιονοδρομικό κέντρο.

Move outside the prefecture: Exceptions

Currently, in any case, or movement outside the prefecture allowed only in specific cases and under clear conditions:

  • Go to and from work, certified by the relevant written certificate of the employer or other appropriate documents or, if it is self-employed, with a written statement of the same.
  • Travel for health reasons certified with a relevant medical certificate.
  • Travel for a ceremony (B.C. funeral of first or second degree relatives) certified by a written statement of the citizen.
  • Transition of divorced parents or parents who are in a dimension necessary to ensure communication between parents and children, according to the applicable provisions, certified by a written statement of the citizen.
  • For going to the place of permanent residence in case of students
  • One-time transfer to the place of permanent residence certified with a Certificate of Residence of Special Use or with a copy of the income tax return E1

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