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Travel Between Prefectures: Move outside the prefecture!! Unpleasant news with extension lockdown and new measures!!

The ban on moving from prefecture to prefecture will be in full force!! The news about moving outside the county is unpleasant!! Everything shows that we are taking new measures and the extension of the lockdown is a given…..

OR movement outside the prefecture is an issue that concerns both the government and infectious disease specialists, but more the people who want to move, however the news is unpleasant.

The cases are increasing, experts now openly warn about Attica and everything shows new measures and extension of the lockdown and in no case relaxation in moving outside the prefecture.

Three months of lockdown will be completed soon due to the coronavirus pandemic and everything shows that it will be very difficult to be allowed to move outside the prefecture in February..

The dates that were originally heard were for 8 or 14 February, but this is not going to happen!!

Everything shows that we are going for March, but also when movement outside the prefecture is allowed, this should be done under conditions that will be considered as soon as the data for the lifting of the measure are available.

in any case, movement outside the prefecture is allowed only for specific cases and under certain conditions:

  • Go to and from work, certified by the relevant written certificate of the employer or other appropriate documents or, if it is self-employed, with a written statement of the same.
  • Travel for health reasons certified with a relevant medical certificate.
  • Travel for a ceremony (B.C. funeral of first or second degree relatives) certified by a written statement of the citizen.
  • Transition of divorced parents or parents who are in a dimension necessary to ensure communication between parents and children, according to the applicable provisions, certified by a written statement of the citizen.
  • For going to the place of permanent residence in case of students.
  • One-time transfer to the place of permanent residence certified with a Certificate of Residence of Special Use or with a copy of the income tax return E1.

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