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just three days after the elections – They seek to appeal to the Council of State annulled the increases and abolition of three-year

Bomb in the foundations of the minimum wage and salaries of hundreds of thousands of workers in the private sector is the Association of Business and Industry action (BSE) the Council of State (COE) just three days……. after taking over the government of the New Republic and placing the scherzo Akis, Director General of the Federation until 30 June, to the position of Deputy Prime Minister.

Indeed, the "chief of staff" of the Sun.. Mitsotakis was he lodged and the relevant proceedings against increases in mandates for workers in the private sector completely "formal" reasons, because, as reported, "The relevant circular of the Ministry of Labor has not been published in the Official Gazette"! however forgetting Article 103 of Law. 4172/2013, whereby started and completed the minimum wage increase process.

In other words, the A '. scherzo (and K. Mitsotakis;) -and of course the BSE- seeking cancellation of increases, for typical reasons, but it seems that they do not recognize:

* That our country has come out of the Memoranda.

* That, based on what was provided for the output from the third mnimoniako program, the increase in the minimum wage is a normal process, even after negotiation between government (SYRIZA here) and the social partners.

* That the increase in minimum wage (11%) requires an increase in 10% for every three years of service and to three mandates and overall 30% to experience 9 years and older.

These increases (the mandates) provided by law for those who had the same experience to any employer in any capacity to 14 February 2012. As those who complete after this date critical mandates are not eligible three-year bonus, as provided mnimoniaki clause 2012, until configured unemployment to below 10%! This provides the Memorandum (secondly) voted New Democracy (with PASOK, Karatzaferis, DIMAR) the 2011 (Papademos government).

The BSE and Scherzo treatment

But what claim A.. Scherzo and the BSE treatment tabled asking the Council of State (!) cancellation of increases in the minimum wage in the private sector, such as those launched by the government last February; as mentioned, The action moves to the circular of the Ministry of Labor issued on this subject in 18 February 2019. According to BSE, "The circular was not published in Official Gazette, so it is unlawful and must be annulled '!

The BSE still underlines that anyway Circular Labor Ministry should not have included specific increases in minimum wages every three years. Cause mnimoniakes the provisions of the 2012 and from 2013 which emphasize that the minimum wage in the private sector working as unit value (how much) reference. The appeal was made known to the Labor Department just before last Tuesday 2 July, ie a few days before the election.

It is reminded that, based applicable circular from February, the minimum wage has increased to 650 euro mixed. respectively 650 euro and given to private sector workers with experience up to three years. For those who have experience from three to six years, the minimum wage increase in 715 euro. Those who have experience of six to nine years will receive 780 euro, while those with experience of over nine years will be paid a salary 840 euro.

And Domna Michailidou deifies salary reductions

In coincidence, however it is difficult to give any identification with the views of BSE and the new Deputy Minister of Labor Domna Michailidou, recently extolled wage reductions 2012 and how these helped economic competitiveness! Specifically, A few days before the election, in an interview on SKAI, the new Deputy Minister of Labor stated:

"Greece between 2013 and 2014 He was starring in reforms and competitiveness reforms and, according to data from the OECD and the World Bank, we had great growth competitiveness. Because we managed to cut too labor costs, the work has a more flexible framework, wage walked into a context much harder, so we were able to reduce labor costs (ypokatotatos, reduce the basic, individual contracts, part time etc.)…

Yesterday, however, the Labor Minister C.. Vroutsis reiterated the government's priorities at work, which had previously deliver titles in the Sun. Mitsotakis. G.. Vroutsis said the first meeting with the inspectors of the Labor Inspectorate (APR) that "due process in the labor market and prevent any form of arbitrariness to the detriment of workers' rights is one of the main priorities of the government policy and a personal challenge for me following the severe penalties that I myself already adopted by the 2013 '.


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