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Cigarette end in schools!! The Ministry of Health Circular!!

Instructions on smoking ban in schools

Circular sent by the Minister of Health, Vassilis Kikilias to Regions and Departments of Public Health and Sanitary Control, requesting strict observance of anti-smoking legislation in the areas of schools.

Circular - also concerning the operating rules of school canteens- It sets strict conditions observance of anti-smoking legislation, trying to put end the unacceptable phenomenon of "Theriaklidon" teachers, professors, and students.

Μιλώντας στο iatropedia.gr, the President of the competent Ministry of Health Experts, professor. Panagiotis Bechrakis, τονίζει ότι το θέμα της τήρησης του αντικαπνιστικού νόμου στα σχολεία, It had been from the beginning a high priority to cooperation at inter-ministerial level with the Ministry of Education:

"Schools are places of education. They are places that the child should not see teachers or other classmates to smoke, because this school is transformed into χώρο παραγωγής καπνιστών. For this reason especially sensitive addressed the issue of law enforcement in schools. And in this logic moves the circular sent by the Minister of Health to the competent bodies and through them to all school units. For proper implementation of the law ", αναφέρει ο καθηγητής πνευμονολογίας.

Circular on smoking in schools:

"Periodic checks throughout the course of the school year"

The Ministry of Health instructions promulgated six Ministries, clearly establish, that the control mechanisms will conduct periodic audits throughout the course of the school year in public and private primary and secondary schools, day and night, crèches and kindergartens.

The circular states features:

"We draw attention to the strict application of the ban on smoking in all that the theme of this Circular areas. It is emphasized that, periodic checks are made throughout the duration of the school year in a spirit of cooperation and respect, to ensure the health of the school population. The results of the controls implementation of anti-smoking legislation in the above areas to be sent along with the aforementioned elements. Data from the tests of anti-smoking legislation be taken into account and also sent to the overall results of the anti-smoking law enforcement checks. Requested the Ministries to which notified this, as inform the supervised bodies and legal persons with a view to better cooperation for the protection of public health ".

Reduction of smoking in the school population

According new research του Ινστιτούτου Δημόσιας Υγείας του Αμερικανικού Κολλεγίου Ελλάδος και της Ελληνικής Αντικαρκινικής Εταιρείας, in any case, which is expected to be made public, in school and student population there μεγάλη μείωση του καπνίσματος, γεγονός που κάνει ευκολότερη την εφαρμογή του νόμου στα σχολεία, as pointed out by Professor pulmonology Mr.. Panagiotis Bechrakis:

"There is a very large reduction in smoking in the student population and the teenage world, according to our new research. This predisposes for easier application of the law, as fewer children will have this tendency. The decrease is a result of the interventions we do in school age for 10 years. And these measures have yielded ",

emphasizes features.

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