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Turkey-Erdogan: Huge gas field in the Black Sea – I expect good news from the Eastern Mediterranean as well

Turkey discovers large reserves of natural gas in the Black Sea
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the biggest breakthrough on Friday 320 billion cubic meters, gas reserves in the Black Sea, at Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul………

This is the "biggest gas discovery in the Black Sea", said Erdogan, referring to the location by the drilling rig "Fatih", which started the relevant investigations on 20 July, of a deposit 320 billion. cubic meters of natural gas in the Danube-1 offshore sector, approximately 145 kilometers north of the coastal town of Zonguldak, near the borders of the Turkish EEZ with Bulgaria, in the western part of the Black Sea. To add that "this is just the beginning", as other sources of hydrocarbons are expected to be identified in the area.

the communication show after Friday prayers at the Ayyub Sultan Mosque, erected by Erdogan at Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul - the residence of sultans and the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire since 1856 until 1922 and museum today- write down: "We are here to tell you the good news, of historical importance, for our country. Energy is of great importance for national independence, as well as a key element of development. Allah opened the door for us in a completely different place, with unprecedented wealth.

The area of ​​the Black Sea where the gas field was located

The area of ​​the Black Sea where the gas field was located / Map: ΝΤV

The inhuman world order, which gives more value to a drop of oil than human blood, still dominates. Behind all the games being played in the Eastern Mediterranean is the battle for the distribution of energy resources. We, Nevertheless, we do not have the slightest external dependence on our drillings and seismic surveys (…)

photo Anadolu Agency

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