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Unemployment Benefit: How, when and to whom will the 2-month extension of unemployment benefits be paid for what ended in March

OAED will make a large payment for the two-month extension of unemployment benefits that expired in March. The date of payment and the beneficiaries……..

Following the publication of the relevant Joint Ministerial Decision, expected within the next period, the payment of the extension of the regular unemployment subsidy, long-term unemployment subsidy and self-employment unemployment benefit will be completed automatically, by deposit in the bank accounts of the beneficiaries, without any action of the beneficiaries and there is no reason to attend the Employment Promotion Centers (KPA2).
The two-month extension corresponds to the following amounts:

  • Regular unemployment subsidy – until 798,5 euro (until 399,25 month euro), increasing by 10% for each protected member
  • Unemployment benefit for the self-employed – until 798,5 euro (until 399,25 month euro)
  • Long-term unemployment benefit – until 400 euro (until 200 month euro).

The payment of the first month of the extension will be completed within April and the payment of the second month of the extension will be completed within May.

Payments are displayed in bank accounts within 3 working days, after their payment by OAED. Beneficiaries are only those who remain unemployed during the period corresponding to the extension and have not benefited from extensions of the same subsidy. Subsidized unemployed who started working during the extension, will receive a proportionate amount, based on their unemployment days.

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