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Weather Forecast: The temperature drop is noticeable on Saturday!! "Crazy" winds in the Aegean!!

rains in the eastern mainland and in the Central and South Aegean are expected on Saturday 7 November 2020. OR temperature will not show significant change. North winds until 8 bf and locally to 9 bf in the Aegean…..

More detail, temporary are expected, sparse clouds in places that in the eastern mainland and Central and South Aegean will be denser.

local showers expected in Eastern Thessaly, Central Greece and Peloponnese, in Evia and on Cyclades.

Rainfall and possibly sporadic thunderstorms will occur in Crete. Visibility during the night will be locally limited.

The temperature, will fluctuate:

    • στη Δυτική Μακεδονία από 2 ° C to 14 °C,
    • in the rest of Macedonia and Thrace from 6 ° C to 18 °C,
    • in Thessaly from 9 ° C to 19 °C,
    • in Eastern Central Greece and Peloponnese from 12 ° C to 18 °C,
    • in Epirus and Western Central Greece from 9 ° C to 22 °C,
    • in the Western Peloponnese from 14 ° C to 22 °C,
    • the islands of the Ionian 14 ° C to 21 °C,
    • in the islands of the North and East Aegean from 12 ° C to 19 °C,
    • in the Dodecanese from 14 ° C to 24 ° C and
    • in the Cyclades and Crete from 16 ° C to 20 °C.

The winds in the Aegean will blow from north directions 6 bf to 8 bf and in the southwest local at intervals up to 9 bf. The exceptions are the areas of Rhodes and Karpathos, where the winds will blow from changing directions 3 bf to 5 bf. In the Ionian the winds will blow from east directions 3 bf to 5 bf and in the area of ​​the Gulf of Patras 4 bf to 6 bf.

Detailed weather forecast, for Saturday, from EMY:


Weather: Cloudy skies temporarily increased mainly in the east and north, where light rain is likely to occur.
Winds: north northeast 5 with 7 bf and east locally 8 bf.
Temperature: From 12 ° C to 19 °C.


Weather: generally sunny.
Winds: north northwest 4 bf with 5 bf and from noon 3 bf with 4 bf.
Temperature: From 11 ° C to 19 °C.


Weather: Almost clear. In the morning in western Macedonia the visibility will be limited in places.
Winds: north northeast 3 bf with 5 bf and east 6 bf and temporarily to 7 bf.
Temperature: From 06 ° C to 19 °C. In western Macedonia and Thrace 2 ° C with 3 ° C lower.


Weather: Almost clear.
Winds: EAST nORTHEAST 4 bf with 6 bf.
Temperature: From 12 ° C to 23 °C. Inside the Epirus 3 ° C with 4 ° C lower.


Weather: Cloudy transiently increased. Chance of light local rain in Evia.
Winds: Northeast 6 bf with 7 bf in both the east and south local 8 bf.
Temperature: From 12 ° C to 20 °C. In the north the minimum 2 ° C with 3 ° C lower.


Weather: Cloudy skies temporarily increased with local rains in Crete.
Winds: north northeast 6 bf with 8 bf.
Temperature: From 16 ° C to 20 °C.


Weather: few clouds.
Winds: To the south north 4 bf with 6 bf and the rest north northeast 6 bf with 7 bf.
Temperature: From 14 ° C to 24 °C. In the north the maximum 3 ° C with 4 ° C lower.


Weather: few clouds.
Winds: north northeast 6 bf with 7bf.
Temperature: From 15 ° C to 21 °C.

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