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Weather Forecast: Atmosphere in the atmosphere, Intense Phenomena and Climate Change!! The weather until the end of summer!!

Climate change and severe phenomena!! Summer with rain and heat!! Hotter this summer!! The weather until the end of the summer and its forecasts professor Atmospheric Physics of the University of Patras and the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics, Athanasius silver…….

The predictions of the professor of Physics of the University of Patras and the Physics Laboratory of the Athanasios Argyriou Atmosphere.

In her instability atmosphere, which is strong in its beginnings summer and in early autumn, the manifestation of the intense is due weather recorded recently, σύμφωνα με όσα αναφέρει ο καθηγητής Φυσικής του Πανεπιστημίου Πατρών και του Εργαστηρίου Φυσικής της Ατμόσφαιρας, Athanasios Argyriou.

also, as noted, Climate change does not seem to be responsible for the occurrence of these phenomena, adding that these instabilities are common. As for the weather conditions that are expected to prevail until the end of summer, Athanasios Argyriou tells APE – BPE that the data suggest the increased probability that the temperature values ​​will be higher.

particularly, The professor mentions the factors that are responsible for the manifestation of the severe weather phenomena:

"It simply came to our notice then atmospheric instability, which is intense in early summer and early autumn. In this period, The increase in the intensity of solar radiation results in the heating of the Earth's surface and the layers of the atmosphere near it.. But the upper classes remain colder. ".

as noted: "It simply came to our notice then “violent” rise of hot and humid air to the higher layers " and explains:

"The strong upward movement results in areas of different electric charge, hence the occurrence of atmospheric electrical activity.

A second result is the induction of significant pressure differences, which causes strong winds.

The third result is the sudden cooling of the water vapor, which when done at high altitudes, in which the temperature is below zero, forms quartz granules

Climate change and severe weather

Answering the question, whether the climate change in the manifestation of these phenomena, Athanasios Argyriou tells APE – MPA, that “there is currently no evidence, which advocates such a thing. "

Regarding the fact that severe weather events usually occur in specific areas of the country, The professor notes that “this is due to the geomorphology of the specific areas, η οποία ευνοεί την ανάπτυξη τέτοιων ανοδικών κινήσεων».

As to whether similar weather events have been recorded in the past in the same period and whether there is a possibility that they will be repeated in the future., The professor states that “these disorders are common and are caused every year, with some differences in duration and intensity ".

The weather until the end of summer

Meanwhile, answering Athanasios Argyriou's question, about the weather conditions that are expected to prevail until the end of the summer:

"It simply came to our notice then increased probability of temperature values, but also the amount of rain, both in the summer, as well as in the fall, be higher than the climatic medium term of the period 1993 – 2016.»

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