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Wi-Fi: Identify those you ... steal internet!! How do you stop them!!

Wi-Fi at home. Sometimes your connection might trouble you. concerned about the internet speed at home; Μήπως όμως δε φταίει ο πάροχός σας αλλά απλά κάποιος σας stealing Wi-Fi;…..

Even if your Wi-Fi password is, it is easy one to "break", especially if the code is the default the router and use your link.

But there are some easy steps you can do to make sure that nobody can exploit your connection.

First you have to make sure that someone does not know is connected to the router.

How will locate Well;

Let's see one by one the steps you should take:

1. Κάντε Login your router (noting that different routers have different login styles so you must find one that matches your device). Enter the IP address the router in the browser address bar directly (B.C. or or Εάν τα παραπάνω δεν δουλεύουν, you can try routerlogin.com and redirected to your router admin panel).

2. enter the administrator username και password.

3. When you enter the ADMIN panel, look for menu options such asConnected devices” or “Attached devices”.

If you find this menu, you can see MAC Address, the IP Address and Device name all devices connected to your network.

In the picture below you can see how looks the «Attached devices».

4. If you notice the name of an extra user or extra devices, then this is the attacker using your Wi-Fi without your permission!!

How will you stop him;

You can follow these steps to ensure όσο περισσότερο μπορείτε το δίκτυό σας:

1. immediately change your password, and put a stronger.
2. you can disable SSID broadcast.
3. για αποτελεσματικότερη λύση μπορείτε να θέσετε ένα filter based on the MAC address of the device.

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