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Launched today the fire -What period should be aware citizens

Officially launched today the fire season 2019 and still fresh tragedy in Mati, the Fire sounding the alarm on this summer, noting that…… statistically most fires annually due to human negligence, and recall measures to be strictly taken to prevent fires, and the actions of every citizen in case of fire starting. These actions are a call to the number 112, when we are at the point where there is no signal for mobile phones.

"The Greek nature, a landscape mosaic with unique biodiversity and fragile ecosystems attracts people from around the world… Every year is threatened by forest fires, which are favored by high temperatures and strong winds that prevail during the summer months ", He said in a statement the Fire and highlights what to do to stop or at least limit the destruction that takes place every year, but not to mourn other human lives.

In order not to cause fire
– Avoid outdoor hot work, which may cause a fire (welding, use of wheel or other tool, that shoots sparks)

– Not turn on outdoor grills (barbeque) during the summer months in the forest, or in places that are dry grass and twigs

– Avoid smoking bees and not abandon the burning combustion residues in the countryside, They may flare up and cause fire

– In no case, not burn dry grass, branches, reeds and rubbish in the countryside

– Never throw lit cigarettes and matches, from the car window, or when we are in the woods

– Do not leave trash in the woods, because there is a risk of ignition, or glass bottles, because they may cause a fire in dry grass, through solar radiation

– We make use of firecrackers – fireworks, in areas that are a short distance from woodland

– We never parked our vehicle in places that are dry grass. The automotive catalyst superheated maintained for some time, after stopping the engine, making visible the fire hazard into

– We take note that the sparks caused by exhaust all types of vehicles can create conditions favorable for fire

– Always comply with the prohibitions on forest access signs, in high risk periods

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