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hotel investment 5 star, Agia Anna – Ano Mera [Opinions interested in 20 days]

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The interested public may submit written, sufficiently substantiated his views with deadline 20 days from publication of the notice General Secretariat for Investments and Development Ministry of Economy, infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism, the Environmental Impact Study Strategy (S.M.P.E.)…….

Plan E.S.CH.A.S.E. Investment Strategy "Tourism Development in Mykonos", position "Karapetis" island of Mykonos, the company «BLUE IRIS AE».

The General Secretariat of Private Investment and PPP Ministry of Development and Investment, as Planning Authority of the Special Plan of Spatial Development Strategic Investment Karapetis position in the island of Mykonos:

a. Announced that both she and the Regional Council of South Aegean Region, They have the necessary information and details of the strategic environmental impact assessment documentation (SEA) the above drawing, to inform the public.

b. Invites the public concerned to formulate in writing and in any event well documented his views, to Address Environmental Permitting (DIPE) Ministry of Environment and Energy, inside in twenty days from the publication of this notice.

, hotel investment 5 star, Agia Anna – Ano Mera [Opinions interested in 20 days]

The hotel investment 5 star

The liner includes creating a hotel unit 5 star, capacity 192 bender with accompanying sports facilities, wellness center (spa), multiplex events and shops.

Pre coastal front property proposed siting shelter of tourist boats.

According to the Strategic Environmental Assessment, the proposed investment the position "KARAPETIS" Ano Mera Mykonos, in Southeast. Island's, a plot of land total area 60,324 acre.

The area is in west coast of St. Anna Bay, which is trapezoidal in shape with open front southeast.

The waterfront pre property includes three small vaginosis.

, hotel investment 5 star, Agia Anna – Ano Mera [Opinions interested in 20 days]

The program includes the construction:

  • 65 housing a room surface 45-50 sq.m.,
  • 15 surface housing 70 sq.m.,
  • 9 homes of 2 Room surface 100 sq.m.,
  • 5 homes of 3 Room surface 130 sq.m. and
  • 1 villa 160 sq.m.

These rooms will be served by the catering and recreational buildings and shops and the entrance hall with offices.

, hotel investment 5 star, Agia Anna – Ano Mera [Opinions interested in 20 days]

These buildings are:

  1. rooms | 94 Total surface about 6.010 sq.m.
  2. building Entry, Reception and Offices | 250 sq.m.
  3. Greek Cafe | about 100 sq.m.
  4. Restaurant mainly for breakfast | 200 sq.m.
  5. Restaurant | about 160 sq.m.
  6. Stores | about 60-80 sq.m. each
  7. Kids Club -Children Station | 150 sq.m.
  8. Cell – Taverna | about 100 sq.m.
  9. SPA building | 500 sq.m.
  10. Open Air Theater
  11. Pool 5m X 20m
  12. small chapel

The shelter yacht will be formed in the foreshore zone and beach and the adjacent sea space pre Estate.

The objective of the Special Plan of Spatial Development Investment Strategy (ESCHASE) at position "KARAPETIS" It is the creation of an integrated, and aesthetic quality tourist complex, completely harmonized at especially natural and man-made features of the island, which made the island a, international scope, tourist destination.

The proposed development is intended to strengthen the Mykonos with a tourist infrastructure that will enhance the tourist product of the island and will be a model for future investments.

These features will prevail and the views on the operation of the investment, which is the general silence and the organization of building volumes and planting, in a way that is reminiscent of the Agean patios with jasmine and bougainvillea and goods transport with cars and other traditional media.

The landscaping in such a way, to highlight the natural characteristics of the stone and endemic species.

The proposal aims to exploit both the geographical characteristics of the field and the characteristics of the particular environment Cycladic Mykonos and central idea of ​​the design is the placement of the rooms in provisions to create small neighborhoods, as of Mykonos Town.

The investment is to create a high quality tourist complex that will include all the facilities and will be able to offer all services, are considered, as ideal, of travelers with high economic and social level.



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