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Pork streaky Mykonos moustomelo and orange (step by step)

Pork streaky Mykonos moustomelo and orange…

    • 1 pound pancetta Mykonos
    • 2 tsp. moustomelo (molasses)
    • 2 cardamom grains
    • ½ orange
    • 2 cup. Meat broth
    • ½ cup. Dry red wine
    • 2 tsp. Butter
    • 2 tsp. roasted flour
    • coarse Salt
    • freshly ground pepper

    • Grate in cardamom mortar with some coarse salt and freshly ground pepper.
    • Engrave with a sharp knife holes meat to better penetrate the herbs and the broth will take after.
    • We massage the meat with the herb mixture.
    • Bake the streaky throughout a preheated oven.
    • Not to cut them from the beginning to remain juicy.
    • Bake at 200ᵒ C, for 15 min on hot air grill, to make crust (use an aluminum pan to cook faster).
    • Remove the peel of ½ orange and Zematas in hot water.
    • Careful to be well cut the peel does not have white flesh because bitter.
    • Finely chop the peel scorched.
    • In a saucepan mix the moustomelo with broth.
    • Add the orange.
    • When removed, the streaky from the oven the brush to moustomelou-broth mixture and put it back on 10 min in the oven.
    • Leave in a dormant oven to keep warm.
    • Collect all the juices in the pan and add a little meat broth.
    • Strain and keep only the liquid.
    • Pour in the pan to make a thick sauce.
    • We add 3 tsp. moustomelo, 50 ml dry red wine, a little freshly ground pepper and the remaining broth was our.
    • Allow to boil.
    • When the liquid has evaporated, add a little butter mixed with flour to thicken the sauce.
    • The flour must be placed just before the end because otherwise you clotting sauce.
    • Drizzle the sauce with pancetta… ready our plate.

Serving suggestion:
Cut bacon slices in chontroutsikes, pour the sauce over and serve with red pumpkin fried with coarse salt.
We can work 250 g. butter 250 g. roasted flour on a stick and keep it in the refrigerator wrapped in a jelly.
We use it whenever we want to tie a sauce.

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