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Color in the Bedroom!! Make a difference aesthetically or functionally!!

Before you choose the furniture you want to add to it, think about the style you want to give!! To do this, select the base color space!!

Here's how to choose the right colors for the bedroom and create space dream!!

Colors and psychology

According to psychology, The bedroom should be a quiet place that exudes confidence, security and harmony!!

The ideal colors for the bedroom are pale rather than dark.

The light-colored paints, white, light blue, pink, yellow, and the sand color, give light in the room and relax the eyes.

It is by no means binding as to the style you want to broadcast room, as well as to the rest of the bedroom furniture, and if at some point in the future get bored and want to change color, paint the walls will be very easy.

Bedroom with trendy colors

Τα νέα χρώματα στο υπνοδωμάτιο είναι οι συνδυασμοί γήινων αποχρώσεων. Brown tones along with shades of olive, the broken green and yolk, They will surprise you positively.

Give immediate warmth in space and make the room seem more immediately human, friendly and family without showing boring.

also, τα συγκεκριμένα χρώματα στο υπνοδωμάτιο δένουν τέλεια και με τα σύγχρονα έπιπλα μίνιμαλ αισθητικής χωρίς να περιορίζουν τις επιλογές σας.

Paints based furniture
It all depends on your desires and your personal taste!!

Αν τα βασικά έπιπλα κρεβατοκάμαρας που έχετε διαλέξει, όπως η ντουλάπα, τα κρεβάτια και το κομοδίνο είναι σε σκούρα χρώματα, τότε στους τοίχους προτιμήστε ανοιχτά χρώματα που θα φωτίσουν το υπνοδωμάτιο.

If instead the bed and other furniture are white or light colored, you can then paint the bedroom walls in darker tones like browns.
Bedroom wallpaper
Wallpapers are a good idea for bedrooms with view.
You can choose any dress that entire walls and thus give a distinct personality to the space, you will not find anywhere else.
Μία άλλη λύση είναι οι ταπετσαρίες-λωρίδα που καλύπτουν μόνο μερικώς τους τοίχους. It is more economical, not load visual room and allow the remaining furniture to highlight.
Alongside, if the bedroom renewal, their smaller size relative to tapestries dressing over the wall, It makes the process of change much easier.

Discuss as a couple, see your desires and decide together on the decoration.

Issue “χρώματα και υπνοδωμάτιοείναι ένα από τα βασικά στη διακόσμηση του σπιτιού σας!!

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