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Hypothesis Forest Maps

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Once again Mr.. Koukas arrives at the port where the vessel has solved their capes.
In the meeting of the Regional Council of South Aegean (21-3-2019) convened by the Region and attended Engineers Cycladic on extending the deadline for filing objections……. for Forest Maps, Mr.. Koukas was as usual off-topic.

The "mayor always intervene after the fact" instead of demanding the withdrawal of forest maps drawn up incorrectly and destroy the property of our citizens, mainly in Ano Mera, only asked for an extension of the objection period. He claimed that something is determined to give! The main ambition was not to address the problem but to load their own failures on others. Minister accused us that exploit the issue for electoral purposes. And said top and all. That he saw the islanders to learn the whole truth about the Forest Maps!

Since this topic Mrs highlighted. Marsoula Hanioti at the meeting of the South Aegean institutions held in Athens on 21-1-2019, our combination and the Association of Engineering Mykonos (over the South Aegean Region) we have a question to ask the mayor: Mykonos because the municipality did not care in time to turn back the wrong Maps, to correct and thus not running and not now spent our fellow citizens to escape their properties;

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