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Ministry of Interior: Prioritize public - private partnerships (PPP) to perform works, strengthening the role of Local Government Councils and the municipalities ENFIA Performance

Pillar of development, investment, supporting employment and social cohesion and civil service, The government faces the Local and Regional Authorities,….

as stated by Interior Minister. Takis Theodorikakos, in speech (via Skype), the opening session of the 3rd European Academy Jean Monnet, organized by the University of Peloponnese (15/07/19).

Alongside Mr.. Theodorikakos outlined the priorities of the new Ministry of Internal Affairs and referred to the Ministry of Interior initiatives to tackle the problem of kyvernisimotitas created in Municipalities and Regions application of proportional 3rd European Academy Jean Monnet.

In this context Mr.. Theodorikakos among others noted that the government's plan is:

- Workers in public continuously evaluated

- The elimination of a simple analog to the new authorities of the 1September to be able to function normally

- The transfer of resources ENFIA the 2021 στην Τοπική Αυτοδιοίκηση

— Η ενίσχυση των Public Partnership- private Sector (PPP) and we are determined that idea to promote it and to put into practice in local government area.

Below is the entire statement by Mr. Theodorikakou

"I feel great pleasure to participate, even remotely, 3rd European Academy Jean Monnet, your conference.

As you know until a few days ago I was teaching at the University of Peloponnese in both Political Science and International Relations and the Department of Social and Educational Policy.

A University which every year is improving and evolving. The staff think it is very positive contribution and works often with innovation, realizing modern educational programs. It is not typical- and stress- that despite the adversities faced by higher education in our country there are many positive examples and the regional departments which hold up the forearm and education worth the name and the display. I am sure that in this way will continue treading the University of Peloponnese.

Your Congress discusses the Local and Regional Authorities, the object that is the responsibility of the Interior Ministry. The new Ministry of the Interior that has emerged from the combination until recently the Ministry of Interior that the Administrative Reconstruction and covers all public administration in the country.

You know that our government Local and Regional Authorities are growth pillar, investment, supporting employment and social cohesion and certainly civil service pillar. With the main objective of improving the quality of life of all citizens, so that people feel the need to create and offer much more in their place.

Our main objective is to create an effective state that is friendly to the citizen. Respecting taxpayers' money, We will act and act with absolute transparency and will offer through all this better service to citizens.

This to achieve using three axes:

1. Simplifying procedures through e-government.

2. Continuous assessment and

3. meritocracy, the selection policy of people in positions of responsibility and in all the work and the creation of resources available to government.

In this effort we need to complete our allies are all employees in the public sector.

We're all on the same side of the hill. And this is especially true for elected local government but also for workers in Local Government and the Regions.

A modern state should be staffed by workers in public to be continually evaluated, because first of all they choose to improve their performance. They want to recognize them and the society and the state.

They know that the state is helper in their own efforts for continuous improvement.

A basic target set by the government of ND is to fully clarify the responsibilities between the two Authorities degrees, and the state. But among them are also.

You know that in the country there is overregulation. hundreds legislative interventions have been carried out in "Cleisthenes" and "Kallikratis" and this situation creates confusion and inefficiency in local government action. So we have to change the data. We must simplify the legal framework. This will take our time and will be done in collaboration with the Local Government.

At the same time we are determined to make it happen and fiscal decentralization. And as pledged by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis before elections, the intentions of our government is the return ENFIA of municipalities. This of course can not happen before the 2021, but we are determined to promote. We will promote, in cooperation with municipalities, the Central Union of Municipalities, to make an appropriate manner and to act to strengthen the autonomy of local government.

In our effort to strengthen the government of course can not remain uninvolved private sector. Prejudices and obsessions of the past can not build tomorrow. In our philosophy is to strengthen Public Partnership- private Sector (PPP) and we are determined that idea to promote it and to put into practice in local government area.

But we are obliged before all face a huge problem that exists in the Local and Regional Authorities due to the application of proportional representation in both those institutions.

The application of proportional representation without the assistance mayors and prefects finally elected to have a majority in the municipal and regional councils, creates a huge risk of ungovernability, which we are absolutely determined to deal immediately, that the new authorities of the 1September to be able to function normally.

We therefore carried out the intervention. For this purpose meet up intensively with mayors and governors of the country. The idea is to strengthen the committees -the Economic Committee and the Executive Committee- so where the Municipal or Regional Councils are not able to take majority decisions, those can ensure the majority expressing the party that governs the municipality or district.

Dear friends and dear friends,

I believe that a new era of government, higher education, our universities, and especially the Peloponnese University can have their own distinctive contribution. They can help with consulting services to government organizations, They can help with brainstorming events and shaping new ideas, such as conference today made by the University of Peloponnese and mostly believe that they can contribute with many new ideas that relate to forms of financing intervention programs in local communities and exchange serious experiences that exist at the international level, which is extremely very helpful be taken into account by us.

So I expect a very interesting discussion that will do your findings, Convinced that the Peloponnese University will play a very important role in this effort.

With these thoughts I wish again to thank you for the invitation and say thank you to the University where I teach the last fifteen years in both segments and congratulations to all of you for the conference.

Good luck at the 3rd European Academy works ».

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