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Mandatory for all tourist accommodation posting the Price List

It applies to the "price list hanging Obligation" all Tourist Accommodation (GG B 2983/30-08-2017, Article 67, Paragraph 1), according to the official response of the competent Directorate…..

Institutional Trade Setup, Ministry of Economy and Development.

The official response (attachment 1) the Ministry of Economy and Development, General Secretariat for Trade and Consumer Protection, General Market Address, Address Institutional Trade Setup, Department of Trade in Services, the Panhellenic Federation of Tourist Accommodation "CYCLE", σχετικά με την υποχρέωση ή όχι τήρησης και ανάρτησης Τιμοκαταλόγου στα τουριστικά καταλύματα.

In reply the Ministry stated:

«particularly, in accordance with paragraph. 1 of Article. 67 of that HY, not explicitly mentioned any exception to the corresponding obligation

The Ministerial Decision (GG B 2983/30-08-2017, Article 67, Paragraph 1) states:

"Article 67: pricelist suspension obligation and special arrangements for service businesses

  1. Companies that provide any form of service to their customers, required to display the price list fixed in a visible place of business or office and immediately visible to customers, which will indicate the final price including VAT. the services provide. "

Since then not excluded tourist accommodation from the obligation, It means that all required "To display the price list fixed in a visible place of business", as is the case in 2015.

With regard to the existing specific legislation, Ministry of Tourism, there is no provision to invalidate the above obligation Pricelist. The Price List of the company has nothing to do with the "Customer Information tab", which as stated in the Circular of the Ministry of Tourism A.P.10384 / 15.06.2018 is printed on the internal relations between members of the Association to which they belong. Moreover, the circular clarifies that no state audit service does not deal with the "Customer Information" tab of course not imposed any penalty or fine, not even allowed to become mere recommendation or observation to the operator on this topic.

The posting list is applicable to all tourist accommodations

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