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Compulsory payment of rent by tenants bank

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The government in the context of the fight against tax evasion plans setting for paying rents only through banks….. Otherwise even, namely payment of the rent in cash, will spicily fines provided both the owner and the tenant of the property.

The amount of rent stated in the lease shall be payable by bank, either the fund or through e-banking, reportedly Kathimerini.

This fact should encourage law-abiding property owners, as will be clear from the amount of the collection of rents and so will not be taxed on rents that have not received, neither will have to cede the state, as not taxed.

After the operation "Juanita Villa Dolores" Principle of authorization of auditors in Mykonos, which had caused a sensation, The issue came to the fore. There was revealed that tenant and owner concealed income from rents villa, while the owner is not even indicated the lease of the property, displaying it as secondary residence.

So, the rent of 1666,67 per month under a lease that was filed in April 2018 not appeared and there was never taxed - the information to indicate that the amount was at least three times the hiring that made the first tenant.

in any case, the government does not expect to fully crack down on tax evasion through this movement, as it is likely the owner signing the tenant will lease where indicated smaller amount of actual rent, with the difference paid in cash - tax free.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Finance executives believe is an important step, as many in fear control will hasten to comply, while additionally designed to increase controls and through intersections arise tax evasion at least in cases of large landowners and large estate.

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