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Greece to exit memoranda in August 2018, Dragasakis says

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said on Thursday.

Dragasakis was addressing the 15th Regional Congress on production and growth held on the island of Syros.
«We are coming out of the memoranda in line with the European institutions and based on a plan that ensures the achievement of the agreed budgetary targets and predicts that from 2019 onwards there will be a budgetary space that will increase year by year, targeted tax relief and enhancement of education, health and the welfare state,» he stressed in his speech closing the proceedings of the 15th Regional Conference in Syros.
«This plan,» he added, «is the roadmap for the transition from the memorandum to the post-programme period. We have called it a holistic development policy. Holistic growth means growth that combines economic growth with sustainability, respect for the environment, preservation of natural resources and social protection. Growth in which labour has a central role while the welfare state is understood to be a supporter rather than a hindrance. Within the framework of the Holistic Development Strategy… islands and island policy are seen as a pillar of our wider national development.

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