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Presumptive Taxation: When taxpayers are released from the obligation for Items & e-receipts!!

Tax statements!! What will apply to e-receipts and items!! Exemption from the obligation to have made electronic expenses equal ...


Reopen Regional Travel: Release of Arrogant Movements from 15 May

The country is in the final stretch of the lockdown. We will not travel at Easter, ωστόσο θα απελευθερωθούν οι υπερτοπικές...

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Reverend Dorotheus B'

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Greece Public Holidays: Three new mandatory Holidays in time!!

Compulsory holidays increase with the addition of the New Year, of the Epiphany and the 28th of October. Νέο πλαίσιο φέρνει το...

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President Joe Biden: The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan will begin on May 1

US President Joe Biden announced tonight that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan will begin..

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Early Demo Video of «Give Peace a Chance»: For the first time, Video with Lennon and Ono rehearsing "Give Peace a Chance"

Στη δημοσιότητα έδωσε το John Lennon Estate ένα ακυκλοφόρητο βίντεο με τον John Lennon και τη Γιόκο Όνο να...

The intense eyes is the trend of makeup!! Tips on makeup for expressive eyes!!

The eyeliner can be your best friend, or your worst enemy if you do not know

Portarathlon 2021: At the international meeting Portarathon, the American decathlete Josue Louis

Just yesterday the Portarathlon opened its registrations and the first athlete has already declared participation. This is the familiar from ...

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