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Support Business: Businesses that remain closed until January will not pay rent for January 11 the month

Δεν θα καταβάλουν ενοίκιο για τον Ιανουάριο, οι επιχειρήσεις που παραμένουν κλειστές με κρατική εντολή, until 11 of...


Support Restaurants: The grant call has been published, until 5.000 euro, for heaters in Catering areas [The invitation]

Applications start on Monday 4 January. Beneficiaries and the basic conditions of participation. How to share 60...

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Reopen Schools: At 11 January Schools open with strict measures for students, educators!! Test, staggered schedule!!

Smart tests for High School students before 11 of the month. Την Δευτέρα θα εξεταστούν και...

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State Department:The State Department denies Tsavousoglou for the S-400s: "There is no working group – We insist on sanctions "

US State Department spokesman clarifies that Washington remains fully committed to implementing CAATSA sanctions - «Υπάρχουν διαβουλεύσεις...

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Happy New Year 2021! Mykonos Ticker contributors and associates wish you Happy Birthday and Happy 2021!!

We wish you the 2021, living quality time with good friends, to invest in self-care, harmony and ...

Makeup!! Christmas just wants to shine!! [Tips]

Your Christmas makeup can therefore be based on one of the trends must, dark

The intense eyes is the trend of makeup!! Tips on makeup for expressive eyes!!

The eyeliner can be your best friend, or your worst enemy if you do not know

Sports in Rural Areas:Anafi and Kimolos were selected for the first implementation of the ERASMUS + SPORT Outdoor Sports Promotion program!

The islands of Kimolos and Anafi, δυο εκπρόσωποι της μικρο-νησιωτικότητας επιλέχθηκαν από το Ευρωπαϊκό πρόγραμμα ERASMUS+ SPORT με...

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