Mykonos Safe Deposit Box - SBOX: A brand-new idea is hatching Mykonos’ safety

Safe Deposit Box in Mykonos - SBOX / When you care about your place, you start thinking about how you will contribute positively to it

Mykonos Safe Deposit Box - SBOX:  A brand-new idea is hatching Mykonos’ safety

Safe Deposit Box in Mykonos -SBOX / This is how SBOX is created, which provides safety deposit box services in a 24-hour store, with an advanced artificial intelligence security system and the only one company licensed in Greece.

Mykonos island is the flagship of Greece's tourism section.  It is an island, which attracts thousands of tourists, businessmen, people for one day and people who will eventually stay forever.  In every city and every island with a similar profile, especially with so much visitors and visibility, it is a natural consequence that security issues may arise in the daily life of its citizens and guests. Especially, in a period of intense socio-political and economic restructuring, people had to somehow feel safe. Thus, a gap was found.

This exactly gap in the market, was that affected some friends and businessmen of the island, that they dared to be inspired and came up with a revolutionary idea: the provision of safety deposit boxes available to the tourist, to the employees and to every businessman. One of its unique characteristics, is the mechanism of a great facilitation in the bureaucracy (that was normally required for any other safety box until now) and the most important, the tailored design of the greatest security that could be imagined until now for a company like that.

Being many years professionally active in Mykonos, those friends and while having created their own businesses, they were thinking about what exactly their personal need was, as it mattered the safety of their own valuables and consequently their families’ safety. The idea was to create an ultimately safe environment for their valuables so their families could also feel safe in their homes. That’s how SAFEBOX was born.

The idea, after all, was simple: They would create the most intelligent and inaccessible security system for enough safety deposit boxes, which would be open 24 hours a day, with affordable prices for all wallets.

The scope was to make all the guests and tourists of Mykonos’ island , to feel safe carrying their valuable jewellery, cameras or passports.

The scope of SBOX, is to make the hotels and the tourist enterprises in general, to feel more than confident to offer this priceless service to their customers: a safety deposit box that will make their holiday more than safe.

As a scope, SBOX, has the businessman that comes out from his store late  at night, carrying the earnings of an entire day, having worked hard.

SBOX purpose, is for all families to sleep peacefully at night, because someone else is awake for them, guarding their valuables

After all these thoughts SBOX is created , now holding the only license of its kind in Greece – perhaps in the Mediterranean. Supervision by the Bank of Greece and the headquarters of the Hellenic Police at the same time were deemed necessary for the continuous monitoring of all the movements of the owners, employees and of course visitors.

The advanced security system that is designed, in addition to serious resources for its implementation, required multiple controls, at different levels and by specialized foreign services. It took accreditations, re-licensing and potential scenarios that had to either be secured or thwarted.

Today, thousands of safe deposit boxes are in a uniquely designed store and the first one in Greece, located after the ring road in Argyrena Mykonos. You will be welcomed by the highly trained staff and their associates, who will explain everything that you need to know, and they will guide you to this amazing place you need to see.


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