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Municipal Youth Councils: Elected Youth Councils in each Municipality!! Mandatory Women 50% of elected members!!

Interior Minister, P. Theodorikakos, at a themed event: "Women in Local Government - Power for our Republic, the equal, meritorious participation of ...

Free Drinking Water Access: Mandatory shared fountains by the Municipalities, in Playgrounds, Sports Facilities and Gathering Venues [Bill]

Policy of free access to drinking water in the common areas of the Municipalities. Υποχρεωτικά δημόσιες βρύσες σε όλους τους Δήμους....... Mandatory from July 1st 2021 οι Δήμοι...

Outdoor Advertising: In the Municipalities the responsibility to remove the illegal advertisements everywhere

Illegal outdoor advertisements should be removed under the responsibility of the Municipality, "Regardless of the competence of the Body to which the street belongs", δηλαδή ακόμα...

Coronavirus Consequences-Municipalities: Extraordinary grant to the Municipality of Mykonos 682.388 euro & in total 40 million. EUR 119 municipalities [Document]

A third installment is expected, based on the additional financial data to be submitted by the Municipalities!! Total amount subsidy 40 million. euro is divided into 119 Municipalities ...

Face masks in schools: The production of masks for students is stopped, by decision of KEDE!!

By decision of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities (KEDE) the production of masks for schools is stopped immediately, after the phenomenon with the huge masks ...

Beach Concessions: The deadline is extended to the Municipalities, for lease of Aegialos and Paralia [GG]

New amendment of the Joint Ministerial Decision setting out the terms, the conditions and every necessary detail and procedure for the concession of the simple use ...

Outdoor Advertising in Municipalities: What changed, with the new JMC, in their installation conditions [The JMD]

It is forbidden to show outdoor advertising in traditional settlements, Archaeological Sites, ιστορικούς τόπους και σε τόπους που χαρακτηρίζονται ως ιδιαίτερου φυσικού κάλλους...... Με Κοινή Απόφαση...

Local Urban Plan: Deadline tomorrow for the Call for Financing in the Municipalities for Local Urban Plans

The deadline expires tomorrow 16 July 2020 that the Municipalities have to express interest in participating in the Program for the preparation of Local Urban Plans (ΤΠΣ) of...

Property & Arbitrary Buildings: Invisible squares!! The new trap with the extension!!

The platform for the invisible is in danger of becoming a trap for unsuspecting citizens - undeclared squares with the amendment voted on Monday ...

Municipality of Mykonos: With 2 Recruitment of regular staff is strengthened by the Municipality of Mykonos!! In total 2.909 recruitment in the Municipalities [Document]

With 2 recruitment of regular staff, 1 position of Psychologist and 1 Family Assistants, the Municipality of Mykonos is being strengthened. Those interested can submit applications electronically..

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