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Tag: commercial shops

Coronavirus Shopping tips: Guide to quarantine!! How to try on clothes and shoes in stores without risk!!

The workers with the steam cleaner in hand, customers with masks and rehearsal rooms, to which only the customer enters, is...

Coronavirus Restaurants: How shopping and catering will operate from tomorrow

From Monday 18 May resumes retail in commercial stores (malls), discount villages and discount stores (outlets).......... also, the diet services will resume tomorrow..

Coronavirus Pandemic-Businesses: The professions [CAR] opening from 18 May!! Measures to be taken!! [Document]

The professions that open from 18 Μαΐου και τα μέτρα που πρέπει να τηρούν Το Υπουργείο Ανάπτυξης και Επενδύσεων ενημερώνει τις επιχειρήσεις και τους καταναλωτές...

summer sale!! When to start and how long!!

Consumers and owners of shops, περιμένουν την έναρξη των θερινών εκπτώσεων...... Οι μεν με την ελπίδα ότι θα κινηθούν ανοδικά οι πωλήσεις...

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