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Treat food the heat!! The diet that works like Antidote!!

Written Petsios Dimitrios - Msc Clinical dietitian The ideal diet for heatwave!! July!! We are now in the middle of summer!! Increase the heat and ...

Summer Eating Habits made Pitfalls!! How to Avoid the!!

writes: Dimosthenopoulos Charilaos, clinical Dietitian - nutritionist Whether we're on vacation, either we stay in our city, Summer is definitely combined with a night out on ...

Arnaoutoglou: The summer comes again!! The weather forecast for the next days!!

Summer again full steam!! Ο καιρός φέρνει ήλιο και άνοδο της θερμοκρασίας...... The forecast Sakis Arnaoutoglou, ο οποίος έκανε νέα πρόγνωση του καιρού για...

Sea urchin!! What to do if you hit the sea urchin!!

particularly, They are living in the mud of the seabed or in places with algae or on rocks, in small

The need and not make our skin glow!! the 5 often summer beauty mistakes!!

Because the beauty wants way and not bother, you do not have but to watch out not to make mistakes to grow in ...

These are the 7 foods you should not eat before the beach!! Cause bad feeling and bloating!!

Guide to what not to eat before going to the beach!! The new heat wave is upon us!! Is the time ...

The Secret Formula that determines the perfect vacation!! The ideal number of days for Summer Holidays!!

Summer Holidays, the ideal number of days!! and yet, It is the perfect formula to rest body and spirit, enjoying every moment ..... Is there a perfect ...

We enjoy the Fruits and Vegetables era!! What month summer eat what!!

Guide for fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables in Greece. Which fruits and vegetables are fresh in our country, per month; Choose the right line ...

Select safe foods for meals outside the home!! Attention to meats, salads, ice creams!!

Risks of food poisoning due to summer. What to look for. Tips for proper selection of food consumed outside the home lists ...

6 Easy Summer wonderful hairstyles!! (Video)

Six Easy and cute summer hairstyles that are super for trips and vacations!!....... Within minutes you will create separate summer lovely hair for each ...

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