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Coronavirus Travel: How can summer "defeat" the virus?!! What applies to sea and swimming pools!!

There are many unanswered questions about whether the corona survives the summer.. The professor of Hygiene and Epidemiology at the Department of Medicine..

Coronavirus Travel: Summer with a visible possibility without bars and clubs, with events without loud music and dj’s on the decks of beach bars!!

Καλοκαίρι χωρίς δυνατή μουσική και events και dj's στα beach bars!! The possibility that bars and clubs will not open at all in the summer is visible!! Concerts...

Coronavirus Travel: Summer without Bar, Camps and Concerts!! what changes!!

One by one the shops and businesses are gradually opening up, with the lifting of restrictive measures launched after the pandemic, which brought a temporary "padlock" to ...

Coronavirus Pandemic: What will happen to weddings in the summer!! How cafes and restaurants will work!!

The professor of infectious diseases, Nikos Sypsas, reports what will happen to the weddings scheduled for this summer, but also for the beaches ...... In ...

Coronavirus Travel: Swimming in seawater or a floating pool is safe!! Hot sand does not transmit the virus!!

This summer will be "the summer of the corona", since as everything shows, humanity will be forced to continue living in its "shadow"..

Coronavirus Travel: Thoughts on swimming and beaches!! The use of a sun lounger carries risks, not the sea!!

Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Iology, Dr. Petros Karagiannis, έδωσε διευκρινίσεις σε σχέση με τα μέτρα που θα πρέπει το κοινό να εφαρμόζει στη...

Coronavirus Pandemic: This will be the summer of Koronoi!! Swimming and swimming with rules!!

We will swim in the sea but with rules!! The professor of infectious diseases of EKPA described the coming summer, Nikos Sypsas ...... As he stressed in the summer ...

Changes in the market!! interim discounts, end!! Offers Full release!!

Advanced consultations are the Ministry of Development and the trade community on changes in the market. Promoted and new marking system ...

Treat food the heat!! The diet that works like Antidote!!

Written Petsios Dimitrios - Msc Clinical dietitian The ideal diet for heatwave!! July!! We are now in the middle of summer!! Increase the heat and ...

Summer Eating Habits made Pitfalls!! How to Avoid the!!

writes: Dimosthenopoulos Charilaos, clinical Dietitian - nutritionist Whether we're on vacation, either we stay in our city, Summer is definitely combined with a night out on ...

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