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Weather Forecast: Dangerous weather phenomena!! When is bad weather expected to hit the Cyclades and Mykonos [Map]

New emergency bulletin of dangerous weather phenomena!! Where the storm will hit. The main characteristics of bad weather are the heavy rains and storms and the storms..

Aegean Islands: The Flood protection of Mykonos in the Economic Committee meeting of Regional Law. Aegean

With 42 the agenda and leading the flood protection of the Cyclades, the Economic Commission convenes Regional Law. Aegean .... Meets the Economic Commission ...

Coronavirus in Mykonos: Management-management measures Covid-19 - Implementation of health protocol, from the Port Authority of Mykonos

As part of emergency measures to address the risk of dispersal of Covid-19, Mykonos Port Authority announces the following:.... Κατά τη συναλλαγή σας με την Υπηρεσία...

Mykonos Arrest: Capture illegitimate foreign Mykonos

By police officers of the Police Department of Mykonos, on Wednesday 14 October 2020, συνελήφθη για παράνομη διαμονή…… Σε σύλληψη για παράνομη διαμονή προχώρησαν οι Αστυνομικές Αρχές στη...

Functions of Local Government – New Law on Local Government: Building Services (YDOM) – Providing incentives to employees of Island Areas – Settings for Sports ...

The "broom" bill of the Ministry of Interior was published in the Government Gazette, his articles, concern the Elected, the Employees and in general the organization and ...

Restrictive Measures: The new schedule for Bar, Cafes and Restaurants!! What time do they close in each area!!

Opening hours have changed to a bar, cafes and restaurants, καθώς σε τέσσερα επίπεδα έχουν χωριστεί οι περιφέρειες της χώρας όσον αφορά στην εξάπλωση...

Municipal Financing: 96.000 in the Municipality of Mykonos and 424.000 South Aegean region, to cover operating costs, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs [Documents]

The Municipalities and the Regions of the Country were given in total 114.328.564,67 euro, with two Decisions of the Ministry of Interior ..... The money comes from the Central Independent Resources..

Mykonos Arrest: Arrests of two illegal aliens for illegal residence

By police officers of the Police Department of Mykonos, the manufacture 9 October 2020, συνελήφθησαν για παράνομη διαμονή…… Σε δύο συλλήψεις για παράνομη διαμονή προχώρησαν οι Αστυνομικές Αρχές...

Mykonos – Blood Donation: Invitation for voluntary blood donation from the Mykonian Solidarity

Mykonian Solidarity, addresses a call to the people of Mykonos, as well as to the visitors of the island, to participate in the planned voluntary blood donation ....... where it will take place on the 23rd ...

Food Safety & Hygiene: Food Hygiene and Safety Seminars in Mykonos for entrepreneurs and employees of EFET.

The Cyclades Chamber announces the holding of an educational seminar on Food Hygiene and Safety (EFET) at 13 and 14 October at the Mykonos Office,....... as follows: Ω Ρ Α Ρ ...

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