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Guide- Code of Practice from GSEE, to tackle employee thermal stress

Detailed Instructions and Tips from GSEE for dealing with thermal stress workers, due to high temperatures ...... Instructions for dealing with thermal stress of ...

Reopening Borders for Tourism: WHERE warning to travelers after the outbreak!! Updates instructions!!

WHERE: The World Health Organization has advised travelers to wear protective masks on planes and to be constantly informed., as there is a new outbreak of new cases..

Reopening Tourism: Update on tourist accommodation forms

As the Panhellenic Federation of Tourist Accommodation "KYKLOS" informs, are available and free of charge at tourist accommodation (to financially well-off members) of the Federation, the forms ...

Economy and Taxes: New Fixed Setup!! How to Settle Debts on 24-48 doses!! 13 Questions and answers!!

Guide to all critical questions - answers for the inclusion of taxpayers in their new fixed arrangement 24 – 48 installments in order to ...

Coronavirus Sports: They are open to the public, from Monday 25/5, organized outdoor sports facilities [Document]

The Municipal Stadium of Mykonos, opens Monday 25/5/, for public sports, according to the GGA directive, where they will be open for ...

Coronavirus Sports: This is how the trainings in Swimming Pools will be done, Football courts, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Gyms!! [Document]

The regulatory framework for training and sports!! The General Secretariat of Sports, with her document, announced instructions on how to open sports venues from ...

Coronavirus Education: Return to the desks from Monday!! New rules and instructions of EODY

In schools from Monday, G.' High School!! Rules for students, educators!!....... What to watch out for parents and teachers - Detailed instructions ...

Coronavirus: What to do before you enter the car to be safe

Απλές οδηγίες χρήσης αποκλειστικά και μόνο για όλους όσοι είναι αναγκαίο να βγουν από το σπίτι και να κάνουν χρήση του οχήματός τους.... Η πανδημία...

Construction kite's relationship with Mathematics!! [Step by Step Instructions & Video]

The mesogianews.gr website gives simple instructions, under with n. N.

NGPP: What to do during and immediately after an earthquake

Earthquake: Notice to Citizens, που πρέπει να ακολουθούνται ευλαβικά Μετά τον ισχυρό σεισμό των 5,1 Richter made at noon in Athens, General ...

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