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the 5 spring superfood!!

The list of so-called 5 superfoods, to include them in your diet now, before summer, to get a shapely silhouette and to ...

Coronavirus Aegean Islands : Message Antiperifereiarchi George Leondaritis Cyclades in celebration of World Health Day

"In the shadow of the unprecedented for the current pandemic data, ο εορτασμός της Παγκόσμιας Ημέρας Υγείας αποκτά ιδιαίτερη βαρύτητα και προσδίδει προστιθέμενη αξία στην προτεραιότητα...

Coronavirus: How will flush properly our smart devices!! [useful tips]

According to a research, conducted by HONOR Greece, most of the mobile users touching their mobile about 2,617 times;....... indeed, the...

Coronavirus : What measures were decided in the government, Finally, flights to Italy, Tightening controls on those who break the law

Held Saturday meeting at Maximos Mansion for coronavirus: Finally, flights to Italy - New measures - Τι αλλάζει για τα...

EFET for coronavirus: Tips for food, cooking!! What should beware!!

The basic guidelines for food and coronavirus by EFET!! What applies to food and cooking and what to look out for ..... EFET ...

What to look for buying meatless Lent

Good choice, transport of food needing refrigeration at home as quickly as possible, the

Grill Day: Thorough cleaning of the grill is imperative for health reasons!! The unknown risk!! [Video]

The Grilling Danger That Has Nothing to Do With Food Poisoning Το ψήσιμο στα κάρβουνα είναι αδιαμφισβήτητα μία από τις πιο αγαπημένες συνήθειες όλων των...

Health: Check Up Free for All and information via SMS [The procedure +3 steps Prevention]

Free preventive examinations with zero participation, for early detection -in the first phase- breast cancer, Cervical, colon,...

New prices of medicines: Increases and Decreases in 8.000 medicines – Reduced participation Insured

Increases and decreases in drugs with new release, including revision of prices 8.057 pharmaceutical preparations ....... Announced by EOF namely the Department ...

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