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Tags evasion Mykonos

Tag: evasion Mykonos

Tax application for smartphones: the 3+1 measures Evasion, Tax return, Lotto receipts and IRS!! The “suspects” branches [List]

the 3+1 measures Principle of authorization for legal evidence. The draft law against tax evasion, το οποίο θα περιέχει και τα κίνητρα για τη συγκέντρωση αποδείξεων...

To «super-weapon" of the tax authorities: Composite income checks, deposit and real estate

What does the new Strategic Plan of the Independent Revenue Authority for the period 2020 - 2024 Extensive intersections of tax data, for income, deposits,...

Tax evasion will be detected by the evidence would have required OR Code!!

Όταν σε ώρες αιχμής σε κάποιο κατάστημα διαπιστώνεται διακοπή της ροής έκδοσης αποδείξεων τότε θα εκδίδεται εντολή φορολογικού ελέγχου...... Businesses and professionals,...

“Double axe” most deposits for undeclared money in banks!! [The Decision of TEN ]

The undeclared money in banks, apart from the tax office the most searching and the Authority for money laundering in-depth tax audits ...

Principle of authorization: Tightens the "ringer"!! Mass junctions and combined elements, from 2014 and after, to combat fraud

Tightens the "ringer" for tax evaders - Combating tax evasion with data crossing - Who are the "microscope" ..... The first results of 2014, already transmitted ...

Principle of authorization auditors have identified hotel in Mykonos which had not cut evidence to value customers 17.000 euro!!

New tax evasion case in hotel Mykonos, which .... "ξέχασε" cut evidence 17.000 euro!! also 12 marine TAXI owners checked because there ...

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