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Eco-Friendly Hotels: There are tax incentives to upgrade to Eco-Friendly, of existing hotels!!

Pursuit, with tax incentives, is the mobilization of "green" investments in the tourism industry to upgrade existing hotels to high energy efficiency units ...... The look...

Reopen Tourism: Landing of tax and on-site inspections in businesses mainly in the Aegean islands, with priority on receipts!! [Documents]

The Public Financial Service is strengthened with staff from the Tax Office (Tax) Mykonos!! The audits will be carried out daily with on-site tax audits in tens of thousands..

Coronavirus & Travel: The tax package for Tourism, the Focus, Transportation and Property Owners

The government's intentions - Τι εξετάζει το ΥΠΟΙΚ Το ζητούμενο είναι να υπάρξει μία φορολογική δέσμη μέτρων που θα αφορά την Εστίαση, Tourism ...

Principle of authorization: Handbook of Detailed Questions and Answers on Tax Issues [1version – April 2020]

Η ΑΑΔΕ κοινοποίησε την πρώτη έκδοση του εγχειριδίου Ερωτήσεων και Απαντήσεων σε φορολογικά θέματα "Απριλίου 2020"....... The manual includes topics: Φορολογίας εισοδήματος φυσικών προσώπων Φορολογίας...

Tax application for smartphones: the 3+1 measures Evasion, Tax return, Lotto receipts and IRS!! The “suspects” branches [List]

the 3+1 measures Principle of authorization for legal evidence. The draft law against tax evasion, το οποίο θα περιέχει και τα κίνητρα για τη συγκέντρωση αποδείξεων...

New fixed setting: Which included and which are not the 24 or 48 doses, what will happen to the old borrowers from April 1!

Πληροφορίες δίνει της ΑΑΔΕ Από την 1η Απριλίου, old borrowers, which joined the old fixed setting 12/24 doses, until November 1 ...

To «super-weapon" of the tax authorities: Composite income checks, deposit and real estate

What does the new Strategic Plan of the Independent Revenue Authority for the period 2020 - 2024 Extensive intersections of tax data, for income, deposits,...

The nine traps and secrets of the new E3

Pots on the Principle of authorization,professionals and businesses, who are forced to reveal the actual revenue and earnings, with 9 κωδικούς-φωτιά του νέου εντύπου Ε3.... Νέο...

What about the 18-inch is required to submit separate tax returns this year

Tax statements, separate from parents, this year should submit all the young men and women who came to adulthood and closed the 18 έτη...

Tax evasion will be detected by the evidence would have required OR Code!!

Όταν σε ώρες αιχμής σε κάποιο κατάστημα διαπιστώνεται διακοπή της ροής έκδοσης αποδείξεων τότε θα εκδίδεται εντολή φορολογικού ελέγχου...... Businesses and professionals,...

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