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1September!! good Apokalokairo!! Good month!!

We say, good Apokalokairo!!  Good month!!

the 1620 aliases of the Virgin

Notre Portaitissa - Our Lady of intensive The face of the Virgin but for

Virgin, Omnipresent in Greece

have a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary featuring

"Wind of the Virgin" – Elytis, good Assumption!!

One of the most famous, meaningful and prophetic poets of our time, with an international reputation, Nobel Prize

The Greece celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin – The amazing our bond with the mother of Jesus

 The Assumption fresco of Michael Feather and happy to Saint Clement of Ohrid

Dekapentafgoustos: When the great feast of Orthodoxy established

Church in honor of the Mother of Christ, so-called Marian feasts.

The first evidence for

Our Kalo Month!!! … He's already August!!!

to travel in a new tale, for that end will have the most beautiful and

Good month, July!!!!!!

I wish to be a handsome and ...

Παγκόσμια Ημέρα Εθελοντή Αιμοδότη 2019 on: «Ασφαλές αίμα για όλους»

Την ημέρα αυτή τιμάται, internationally, ο ανώνυμος εθελοντής αιμοδότης και ο αλτρουισμός που επιδεικνύει προσφέροντας δύο πολύτιμα

World Environment Day 2019!! Theme of World Environment Day 2019: “air Pollution”

the celebration, organized around a theme which involves serious environmental

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