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The Giannis Antetokounmpo with his message congratulated Stephen Tsitsipis for victory, at ATP Finals

John Antetokounmpo: The congratulatory message to Stefano Tsitsipis!! "Keep not stop," wrote a leading player in the NBA for the season 2018-2019....... Yesterday, Stephanos ...

The instagram «finish» the influencers; How to hide the likes will affect their profits

In panic millions of Instagram users around the world since the popular social networking through decided to conceal the like. But what does ...

The Facebook wants to know the users that belong Instagram and WhatsApp, so changing the Logo to make it clear

particularly, The new logo will not replace the existing logo of social networking with Facebook name, but the parent company of Instagram, WhatsApp...

Instagram: The online shopping and capabilities of the platform!! Adjust their digital strategy!!

The online shopping enters a new era via Instagram!! The possibilities offered by the platform open new avenues for major brands .... The instagram is ...

Instagram: Steps to follow if your Account in Hakkari !!

The chakarisma accounts in social media can happen to anyone!! You instantly make some simple steps to recover the data ...

Instagram: What is the real truth behind the "concealment" of like!!

The Instagram hides & quot; like" gathering one post!! What does this but in reality;.... This practice provides the "hide" substantially the number of people ...

Instagram The new Anti-bullying tools, against malicious comments!!

Ongoing efforts to address malicious comments on Instagram with the launch of two new tools from Facebook .......... Encouraging Positive Interactions The first tool is based on ...

To change Facebook - What is new in Instagram!! All changes planned in the Facebook platform!! (Video)

To Facebook αλλάζει – Τι νέο έρχεται και στο Instagram Μεταξύ των αλλαγών περιλαμβάνεται και μια νέα εφαρμογή εύρεσης ερωτικών συντρόφων με την επωνυμία Secret...

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