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Coronavirus Travel – Τριήμερο Αγίου Πνεύματος: «Όχι» της κυβέρνησης σε πρόωρο άνοιγμα του Τουρισμού!!

Όσα αποκάλυψε ο κυβερνητικός εκπρόσωπος!! ο Τουρισμός δεν θα βγει από τη... μηχανική υποστήριξη μια εβδομάδα νωρίτερα από την προαναγγελθείσα ημερομηνία....... Ο Στέλιος Πέτσας ξεκαθάρισε...

Corovanirus Restaurants & Cafe: What to look out for in Cafes and Restaurants, after Measurement!!

"Expected evolution and small enjoyment that is intertwined with the culture of many of our fellow human beings", characterized the opening of the restaurant,....... ο αναπληρωτής εκπρόσωπος του υπουργείου...

Coronavirus Travel: The die is cast!! At 8 Hotels open in June!! What to do with the focus

The most prevalent scenario on June 1 is catering and 8 June seasonal accommodation. The government has been announcing a comprehensive package for tourism since Monday!! Final meeting ...

Coronavirus & Travel: Background with background… Menu for Catering and Tourism!! The critical week starts tomorrow!!

Aid and Tax cuts in ... menu for catering and tourism!! Emphasis is placed mainly on the issue of the reopening of restaurants and tourism ..... The Ministry...

Coronavirus Travel: This is how the Catering and Tourism stores will operate!! More on the road "tables outside" and… distances!!

Pressure is mounting on the government to activate catering as soon as possible with clear rules, so that the population can be channeled ...

Coronavirus Travel: Summer without Bar, Camps and Concerts!! what changes!!

One by one the shops and businesses are gradually opening up, with the lifting of restrictive measures launched after the pandemic, which brought a temporary "padlock" to ...

Coronavirus Restaurants : The operation of the interiors in the form of semi-outdoors is also examined

After 18 The final decisions on catering will be made in May, Deputy Minister of Development N stressed. Παπαθανάσης μιλώντας στην εκπομπή «Κοινωνία Ώρα MEGA»....... «Πρωταρχικό...

Coronavirus Pandemic: At the table the opening of Coffee and Restaurants earlier

Where will the opening be judged earlier for catering stores!! The Minister of Development, Adonis Georgiadis, made a revelation, emphasizing that the Ministry is studying the opening..

Coronavirus Pandemic: These are the seven stages of restarting the market [The KAD in detail]

The Deputy Minister of Development and Investment presented the seven stages of restarting the market after the quarantine for the crown, Nick Papathanassis, ο οποίος ανέφερε πως «διασφαλίσαμε...

Large increase in Turnover Index in Hotels and Restaurants in second quarter 2019

Turnover Index in Accommodation and food services!! What the figures show ELSTAT ...... Increase 12,9% He noted the general turnover index in ...

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