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Reopening Tourism & Quarantine: Hotel Karantina and in Mykonos!! 13 in the Cyclades!! [The whole list – Document]

The whole list of the areas of Karantina Tourist Accommodation!! The Ministry of Tourism has made public the final list of areas to be rented..

Reopening Tourism: Rent accommodation from the Ministry of Tourism!! Cost of compensation in the accommodation of the Cyclades!!

Information to the Associations - Members and the Cyclamen of the Cyclades ...... According to information from the Ministry of Tourism, the cost of compensation for accommodation will increase..

Reopening Tourism & Quarantine: Isolation Rooms in Tourist Accommodation Units provides for JMC [Document]

The creation of Rooms is envisaged through a Joint Ministerial Decision - Isolation in tourist accommodation units. This solution, temporary character, completes the creation of a quarantine hotel network..

Reopening Hotels: Παράταση Προθεσμίας για υποβολή Αίτησης Τουριστικών Καταλυμάτων για κρούσματα COVID!! Δύσκολο το Restart!!

Παρατείνεται μέχρι την Παρασκευή 26 June, η προθεσμία υποβολής δήλωσης ενδιαφέροντος για προσφορά τουριστικών καταλυμάτων (κύριων ή μη κύριων) προς μίσθωση για την αντιμετώπιση...

Hotels Reopening – Health Protocols: This will manage the suspected Covid-19 case at the Tourist Accommodation!! [Document – EODY Instructions]

Doctors' instructions for the management of a suspected Covid-19 case at a tourist accommodation, gives information to the National Public Health Organization, in view of the reopening ...

Reopening of Travel and Tourism: Many obstacles in Tourism!! The seasonal accommodation is closed on the three days of the Holy Spirit!! The 4 long absences!!

"Restart" for tourism with many obstacles!! The seasonal accommodation is closed on the three days of the Holy Spirit!! The 4 long absences!! Επανέναρξη της λειτουργίας των...

Coronavirus Travel-Beaches: Concession for the use of Aigialos and Paralia and in the Rooms to Let [Document]

With an amendment of the Ministry of Finance, enable, until 31 October 2020, of the simple use of the seashore and the beach without auction, στα όμορα προς τον...

Coronavirus – Reopen Business: Businesses restarting from Monday, June 1st [Detailed List + CAR]

Measuring measures!! Hotels, catering, summer cinemas, Swimming pools are some of the professional categories that are reactivated from Monday, μετά την αναγκαστική αναστολή λειτουργίας λόγω...

Coronavirus Safe Travels – WTTC: Seal and New World Tourism Protocols, to restart the sector

Safe Travels: Global Protocols for the New Normal Τα νέα πρωτόκολλα και τη «σφραγίδα» για την τήρηση των πρωτοκόλλων Safe Travels, δημοσίευσε το Παγκόσμιο Συμβούλιο...

Coronavirus Travel: Greek Tourism on the appointment with the next day

The big bet of Greece!! New opportunities, the pitfalls and changes of the "season"!! Sun and sea; Not only. Massive tourism; Not exclusively .... The...

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