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Coronavirus in the U.S.: The travel directive that concerned the whole planet is lifted – The risk will be assessed by country

The United States announced today that it is repealing the travel directive calling on American citizens to avoid all travel abroad..

Reopening borders for tourism: These are the new measures after the increased cases [the Gazette]

Reinforcement of checks and the obligation to demonstrate a recent negative test for those entering from Promachonas in Greece are included in the measures decided in ...

Coronavirus Disease: 29 positive cases in tourists in Promachonas

According to reports, 29 Tourists tested positive for coronavirus after tests on Friday 10 July at the border station of Promachonas .......... The...

Reopening Borders for Tourism: Finland opens its borders to Greece and beyond 16 European countries

Finland today announced the opening of its borders to tourists from 17 European states, with low rates of colon infection, of which the ...

Reopening Borders for Tourism: The EU's "white list" with 14 "Safe countries"

The EU has announced them 14 χώρες των οποίων οι πολίτες θεωρούνται "ασφαλείς" to remain from 1 July, despite the pandemic - but...

Reopening Borders for Tourism: UNWTO welcomes New App designed to facilitate safe and secure Border Crossings

Η UNWTO χαιρετίζει τη νέα εφαρμογή που σχεδιάστηκε για να διευκολύνει τις ασφαλείς συνοριακές διαβάσεις Ο Παγκόσμιος Οργανισμός Τουρισμού (UNWTO) collaborates with Wanderlust World ...

Reopening Borders for Tourism: The 9 countries that will continue to ban flights

From July 1, tourism "opens" in Greece as international arrivals will be allowed at all airports in the country ......... According to information, the countries ...

Reopening Cruise – Plakiotakis: The European protocols for the operation of the cruise are expected

I hope that in the next few days we will have the European protocols and respectively the Greek ones., about how the .. will be able to work.

Reopening Tourism: Tourism in the Mediterranean is a matter for Greece and Spain this year

There are growing indications that any summer season in Europe will turn into a confrontation between Greece and Spain for those few travelers who ....

Reopening Tourism: Germany releases EU travel, Schengen countries and Britain

As of midnight, the German Foreign Ministry no longer warns citizens not to travel to the countries. - EU members, καθώς και στις...

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